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Getting Started Tips: Yoga for Runners

Posted Jun 07 2010 5:38am

Stretching for runners I was recently quoted in the June edition of Idea Fitness Journal with tips on yoga for runners. I was excited to see it! Read the article here.

Yoga has helped my running and most of my physical activities in many ways. It provides a little calm after a fast paced hike or jog.  I’m more aware of when I need rest, and it definitely stretches out tight muscles.  If you run or engage in physical activities that tighten muscles, a little yoga might do you some good.  Here are a few suggestions to get started (taken from what was printed in the article, but easier to read!  More on this in the future.)

Start small. You can always build up to making yoga a bigger part of your training.  Practicing one or two poses after each run is a great way to introduce yoga into your routine.

Make time for in person group or private instruction, especially when you are starting out.  Look for a teacher or trainer who gives you personal feedback on the important details of form, breath and how to adapt poses for your needs.

Focus less on goals and more on experience. Runners often emphasize markers of success like running a 7-minute mile or finishing a race.  In yoga this approach is not helpful.  Focus on how your body feels and the quality of your breath, not whether or not you can touch your toes.

Learn to enjoy relaxation. Relaxation is your chance to integrate the practice and recover from the stress of training (And it doesn’t have to take a long time!)

Have patience. Depending on the style, yoga is slower than running.  Look for benefits over weeks or months, not minutes or days.

Are you a runner?  Do you practice yoga?  What’s your experience?

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