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Getting a Life Coach

Posted by Nirmala N.

I'm really excited about 2008, because I have soooo much planned. Classes I'm taking, trips I'll be taking with friends and family, tangible spiritual goals, creative projects, and the like. I'm also particularly excited because I have four sessions scheduled with a life coach who I think is going to be phenomenal. I've had friends who've had life coaches in the past and who have been absolutely floored by the results. I've never had a life coach before, but from what I understand, the purpose of having one is to more clearly define some of your goals and problem areas, and through the process of clarifying what you want, getting past some stumbling blocks that keep you from it. The thing I love about the whole concept is that a life coach isn't someone who magically hands you all the answers on a silver plate--she's someone who allows you to get perspective and create your own solutions. What do other people think? Have you had a life coach before, and if so, what was your experience?
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I have a coach right now who is working with me on my creative projects. She is really terrific. One of the really great things about having a coach is having that feeling of total support and attention from someone. All too often, if you try to talk to your friend and family about things, they have their own problems and issues and filters. The coach that I work with is actually genuinely interested in my creative projects and knows what I need to get things going. It's also great to just have that unbiased person listening to you.
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