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Gentle Therapy Nourishes Your Body and Fuels Your Soul:

Posted Jun 12 2008 9:01pm 1 Comment

By Carole Fogarty

Rejuvenate Your Heart: Green nourishes your heart chakra and is a balancing colour. Eat green food: spinach, lettuce, peas, kiwi fruit, watercress, green peppers, green beans. A note from me yesterday over at twitter.

Rejuvenate You:

Gentle is graceful. Gentle is kind. Gentle respects your precious energy. Gentle allows you to experience more of what is happening around you. Gentle slows you down. Gentle refuels your energy levels. Gentle offers you space in between your thoughts. Gentle nourishes your mind with calm. Gentle releases stress and tension. Gentle fuels your soul with a deep sense of inner peace. Gentle allows you to rejuvenate and creates the space to welcome more grace into your life.

Gentle is a mindful stepping stone towards rejuvenation.

Cayusa’s Photo

Direct Your Thoughts And Quality Energy Towards Gentle:

How would you feel, if for one day, you simply become the vibration of gentle in everything that you saw, smelt, touched, heard and tasted.

You made a conscious rejuvenation choice to eat gently, think gently, talk gently, wake up gently, shower gently, dress gently, drive gently, work gently, cook food gently, move gently, clean gently, type gently and clean the house gently for 24 hours.

I double dare you to practice becoming gentle for one day and notice how much more relaxed and at peace you are by the end of the day.

The Opposite Of Gentle Is Rushing:

If you are not being gentle then your are rushing. Rushing is bossy, thoughtless and draining. Rushing scatters your energies and leaves you wide open to being pushed and pulled around by life. You are more vulnerable to energy suckers when plugged into rushing.

Connect With Gentle Now:

If you are having trouble feeling gentle simply ask the following question to your inner wise self “What would gentle do now?”

Gentle wouldn’t be eating whilst working at the same time. Gentle wouldn’t jump out of bed to an alarm clock. Gentle wouldn’t skip a meal. Gentle wouldn’t yell and scream at everyone in a traffic jam. Gentle wouldn’t ignore their children. Gentle wouldn’t be unkind to themselves with negative self talk. Gentle would be kind and thoughtful and most definitely take the time to consider your needs first.


Disconnect from rushing: Place both hands on your heart. This physical statement reminds you to think of you first. Try it now. Breath in and out through your heart area slowly for 10 seconds. Feel your neck and shoulders drop. Ahhh! You are allowing yourself some much needed space between you and the energy of rushing and an opportunity to re-orientate yourself towards gentle.

Thanks for reading this article, Carole

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That's beautiful, Carole. I always find that when I'm in a place of anxiety or excessive mind preoccupation, the simple act of surrendering and giving myself a mantra like "Be gentle with yourself" is really useful. I'm the kind of person who gets frustrated very easily, which can lead to feelings of ineptness just as easily. But treating myself like I'm my own loving parent often gets me out of that kind of funk and keeps me connected to the present.
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