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Fun days at the USGA Open 2012

Posted Jun 18 2012 10:52pm

I attended the USGA Open 2012 in San Francisco for a couple of days  and got a chance to see some great golf. I noticed at this level that there is very little variation in the golf swing among players, meaning they all swing by rotating the torso back then leading with the hip forward, then the torso followed by arms and finally the hands creating optimal velocity on the ball. This makes sense since they have all learned one way or another how to move more optimally than most for this activity and because they are humans with the same basic structural design, their techniques should be very similar. Most of them likely learned how to play at a young age or they were a natural at golf (we have all envied the natural athlete of one sport or another).

Since most of us did not learn golf at a young age nor are we natural athletes how can we learn to play golf as balanced as these players? By understanding and learning how to move as your structure is designed to move – through the center. If you balance through your center in all movement activity, then it is easy to apply the techniques of a great swing in golf or any activity you choose!

In another post I address differentiation throughout the body as your path to optimal balanced movement. It is a lifestyle choice not an exercise or just a practice to learn to move optimally. Neuroscientists like Daniel Wolpert say our brain is designed to make new neurological connections through movement. Our thinking brain analyzes, organizes and rationalizes what we have learned for logical recall and potential for improvement. But it is exclusively through movement that we make new neurological connections and expand our learning.

To change how you approach learning new activities takes guidance from someone who understands how your structure is designed and organized to move to achieve optimal functionality. No longer will you struggle with the frustration of limits to movement possibilities with your body as you become more aware of how to move as your structure is designed.

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