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Frantic Friday

Posted May 08 2009 10:42pm
Another Friday...

Busy day.

On Fridays, I tend to go have lunch with the kindergartners at 11am. I really get a kick out of their personalities and I have a great time with them for 30 minutes or so. Its slowly become a Friday tradition that I will show up for lunch with Subway in hand, and 'surprise' little D.

It does require me to be organized and moving at lightning speed to be able to pull it off. Lots to do every Friday morning in order to get there on time for lunch.

This particular Friday morning, I wish I could have just gone back to bed. We went to visit friends last night in Houston and we didn't get home until 1:42 and I got to bed at 2. When you get up at 5am each weekday, 2am as a bedtime just seems insane.

Needless to say, getting up this morning was painful. I require a LOT of sleep, at least 8 hours but I'm working at full capacity when I get 10 hours (which rarely happens). When someone like me, who needs a lot of sleep to ,gets only 3 hours? Lets just say that its not a pretty sight...

But its Friday... end of the week and I'm hoping to sleep in tomorrow morning and catch up alittle bit. But in the meantime, I must hit 'publish' and take off to meet the gaggle of Little People that will be waiting for me! :)

Have a great weekend and for you Moms out there: celebrate a fantastic Mother's Day. To be a Mother is both the hardest and most rewarding responsibility that anyone can experience. I hope you're pampered and fawned over this Mother's Day as I know you deserve it and so much more!
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