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Four Meaningful Ways To Wake Up While Still In Bed:

Posted Sep 29 2008 5:10pm

By Carole Fogarty.

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I have always believed there is something magical about creating a meaningful start to your day. Whether it be 60 seconds or 30 minutes.

It’s simply, a quiet moment in time, between yourself and the universe before the busyness of your mind unfolds. It’s a moment for indulging in the calmness of clarity, whilst resting in stillness, as you enter your body and day consciously.

A meaningful early morning ritual rocks!


Prayer is talking to the universe: Meditation is listening:

I’ve practiced many different early morning rituals over the past 20 years. Some manifested instant results whilst others were an exercise in patience, all made a difference.

One thing I know for sure, you will never, ever find me rushing out of bed on any given morning, even if I’m running late. The consequences are too great. You start off on the wrong foot, charge into your day, rush against the clock, ignore your bodily needs, throw aside your intuitive hunches and wonder why you are having such a bad day. You have filled your body with stress and anxiety. You are exhausted and too tired to think straight.

All could have been easily prevented by entering your day and body more consciously. Start with a meaningful sixty seconds, first thing in the morning while still lying in bed then expand on that.

Make a difference to the flow of your day while still lying in bed:

You are aiming for a wake up ritual that feels comfortable, meaningful and do-able ,whereby you can see and feel the difference to the flow of your day.

1: 60 meaningful seconds with yourself: Enter your body consciously.

You have no where to go and no where to be for the next 60 seconds.

Laying comfortably on your back place your hands on your belly. Now focus on your breath observing your belly rise and fall.

Bring your awareness and breath deeper into your whole body. Inhale into your toes then exhale out of your toes, feeling or sensing the extra space now filling your toes. Repeat for your feet, legs, stomach, back, arms, fingers, shoulders, neck and head.

Offer gratitude and appreciation to your whole beautiful body.

Whilst in this state of expanded awareness notice if there are any areas of your body needing extra attention. e.g perhaps you need to breathe more deeply into your neck to release an energy block or some stiffness in your leg. Trust in what comes up for you and follow through with the guidance of your breath.

As you finish ask your body what support it needs from you today; the answers will be simple like drink more, move more, think slower, eat sitting down, eat more slowly or spend more time laughing with your children. Your body is a wise intelligent field of energy. It knows what it needs. All you need to do is ask.

These sixty seconds spent focusing on your breath and physical needs can make all the difference to your energy levels and wellbeing throughout your day.

2: Three meaningful minutes with yourself: Visualize your day.

Upon waking bring your awareness fully into your body by focusing on your breath. In the calm peaceful three minutes that follow, run a movie in your head imagining how you want your day to flow.

See yourself getting showered and ready for the day with a relaxed calm energy around you, watch yourself eat and enjoy a healthy breakfast, then picture the amazing things that are going to unfold and manifest for you today.

Towards the end of the 3 minutes start to feel excited and very grateful, at just how easy your day has flowed. Linger in this feeling for a long as you like.

3: Five meaningful minutes with yourself: Journal for clarity and direction.

If you wake up tired and grumpy, journal to find out why. If you wake up angry, journal to find out why. If you wake up inspired and ready for anything, journal to find out what is the most important thing you need to do today.

Journaling first thing in the morning before the mind gets too active is my personal favourite at the moment.

As you wake, grab your pen and notebook, ask a question then let your hand write away.

Sometimes the answers will be simple and practical and other times inspiring or totally revealing. Trust in the process, then let go and write.

A great question to ask is “What do I really, really, really want”

The question I am asking myself each morning at the moment is “What is I need to know for my - rejuvenation circle workshops - to be even more inspiring and nourishing?”

4: Ten or more meaningful minutes with yourself: Meditating.

Just as you would tell a dog to sit, in meditation you are telling your mind to stay.

Meditation creates space in between your thoughts, allows your body to relax and unwind, opens up channels for creativity and inspiration and paves the way for a disciplined mind; you are in control and not your mind.

First meditation option, listen to your preferred guided meditation on your CD or MP3 player whilst still lying in bed. This is a fabulous way to wake up meaningfully. It sets the tone and flavour for your day. Chakra Clearing (Book & CD) by Doreen Virtue has been one of my favourites for the last 5 years, I always, always seem to come back to it.

Second meditation option, while lying in bed, focus on your own personal affirmation, mantra or word. Give it your whole focus and repeat meaningfully such as ‘Wherever I am, I see joy and laughter”. Your intention is to carry these thoughts with you throughout your day.

Third meditation option is simply to meditate in stillness observing your thoughts come and go, from a distance. If you are new to meditation start with an easy 3 minutes. The length of the meditation is not as important as the regular daily practice of it. You are simply wanting to tell your mind to sit and stay for 5 or more minutes each day.

Adjust your yin yang time clock and add a delightful flow to your day.

This was my second most popular article for 2007 and an article worth reading (at least I think so) about the benefits of waking up gently - Adjust your yin yang time clock and add a delightful flow to you day

Meaningful ways to wake up with your lap top in bed:

1 - Wake up yoga in bed:

2 - A beautiful visual meditation created Caroline Myss which enables you to enter your body and day very, very consciously
Thanks for reading my article, Carole

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