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Four Horsemen Who Spread Plague - Bad Health

Posted by Robin P. Facebook

four horsemen

A dark plague has crept across the land. Led by four evil horsemen who have been corrupted and enslaved by the master, the plague has cast its shadowy tentacles from sea to sea through towns and cities large and small, sparing no one.

The plague is Bad Health. Its master is Greed. And the Four Horsemen who have been corrupted and perverted into servants of greed who spread the plague are our Food, our Medicine, our Industry and our Government.

Throughout history, men have existed whose greed and lust for wealth and power has driven them to put their own selfish interests above those of humanity itself. Today the very health of modern man itself is under attack by the greedy elite who willingly trade profits for the ability of their fellow men and women to enjoy good health and live long enjoyable lives.

In Michael Pollan's books, Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food, I learned about how our soils have been depleted. Our food crops have been genetically engineered to produce higher yields and more bulk with less nutrition and to withstand more pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers that ensure higher profits at the cost of multitudes of health problems for those who consume them. Furthermore, the food on our grocer's shelves has had the nutrition processed out, with harmful additives processed in to enhance shelf life, color, taste and texture, with the same result. We are surviving on food-like substances. Surviving is not the same as thriving and living a longer healthy life.

When we eat meat we get much more than we think, and not good things. Cows are being fed mostly corn. A cow's digestive system is not made to eat corn so they end up with a host of digestive problems along with diseased organs. Think of Cows grazing in a lush green pasture, yes that's where they are supposed to live and eat. They are raised in feed lots where they eat, sleep and live in feces, which ends up in the meat we eat.

For generations doctors have been taught at medical schools whose largest source of funding by far is the world pharmaceutical empire. They have been taught precious little about the role diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and natural plants have to play in prevention and healing. Instead, they have been taught that the way to treat illness and disease is to prescribe medications - medications that just happen to be made by the same people who fund their education. As a result, safe, effective and less expensive natural healing methods, with hundreds and even thousands of years of proven success, has been chastised and made illegal and has been replaced by patentable and hugely profitable synthetics and isolates.

From the very first, these lab created drugs have had significant and often life-threatening side effects, and have mostly managed symptoms instead of effected cures. Often, their prolonged use leads to new illnesses and more medications in a never ending cycle so that by the time a man reaches 65 years of age in the US, he takes an average of 15 prescribed and over the counter medications daily - when it all began with one or two conditions that could have been treated naturally. Here's a free report about the dangers of taking vitamins made with synthetic ingredients.

Since the beginning of the industrial age and the coal burning plants, every year an increasing amount of literally thousands of metric tons of chemical pollutants, including carcinogens and thousands of other highly toxic chemicals and compounds such as mercury, lead, PCP, arsenic, etc., are spewed into our environment, polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. They should make their profits - while operating morally and being good neighbors who strive to protect the health and welfare of the consumers.

The public widely believes that the FDA is out to protect them, what it actually does is run a protection racket for mainstream medicine, especially the world pharmaceutical empire. Who the FDA really serves and protects becomes crystal clear when you examine their actions. They delay action, hide studies and outright lie about the safety of products like Vioxx, Bextra, Alleve and Aspartame and a host of others which have been blamed with hundreds of thousands of deaths and illnesses in order for their big pharma and big chemical industry masters to reap billions in profits while the public suffers. Now read this post about the FDA. They won't endorse and support natural products...

So here are the four horsemen of the health apocalypse:

Food - Medicine - Industry – Government
t's time that we examine what we as individuals and as a nation can do to take back control of our health, our bodies and the agencies that are supposed to serve us. It starts with us.

Food -
Buy local clean food grown in nutrient rich soil. If you must eat meat buy "grass fed" beef. I can't stress enough to buy local. Go here to find your local, clean market. Go back several generations to see what people ate. Keep food simple and eat healthy. You are what you eat so if you eat poorly you have poor health. Let food heal.

Use history for natural cures instead of drugs first. Keep lab created synthetic ingredients out of our food, drugs and the vitamins that are supposed to add health. Let your body holistically heal itself with healthy food and safe supplements.

Industry –
Think green. Start with this site for help.

Government –
Google "what does the FDA really do" and you will find they are not the best source if you are looking for safe drugs. Just look at all the drugs with known side effects that they approved.
Like here - Sleep Driving.

Think about the largest beef recall that took the USDA 18 days to recall and then they said it was ok to eat this beef if it was commingled with "other beef." This was food our children were eating in school, here....

Think about these 4 things and decide if your health and staying alive longer is something you want in your control or left in the hands of the 4 horsemen.
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