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Fly By Gratitude

Posted Sep 29 2012 6:49pm
Holy wow – it’s almost October and time is flying by!  Given my daily pace lately, I’d like to take a moment to share a few things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for: learning.

textbook time

I am studying anatomy and physiology, my final prerequisite course for physical therapy graduate admissions. Call me a nerd but I enjoy completing assignments, preparing for exams, and dissecting organs. I love that school provides a disciplined way of learning. Beyond the classroom, there are so many ways to continue my education: workshops, seminars, podcasts, books… One day once I get through this textbook I will attack the stack of books piled up on my shelf. How are you challenging yourself to expand your knowledge?

I am grateful for: my favorite study buddy, Jackson Lane.

study buddy puppy

Jackson really knows how to curl up and support me during long study sessions. He’s also really good at study breaks. There’s nothing better than chasing the little mutt around and grabbing some fresh fall air to heighten my cerebral endurance. By the way, did you  VOTE FOR JACKSON  yet? A simple click from you is one way to show him your love. He’s a winner in my book no matter what!

I am grateful for: my new favorite liquid stimulus, café au lait.

je ne sais… café au lait

Say it with me, ‘kaf-eh-oh-lay’… or something like that. I guess that one semester of introductory French class in high school didn’t stick with me. This beverage order must drive baristas crazy. Anyway, my coffee intake is on the down low these days. To limit the jitters, I switched from my usual soy latté to something a little more mild. I recently learned that café au lait is coffee with steamed milk – and I can almost even pronounce it! I know fall is pumpkin spice latté season but I’ve never actually tried one. Do you think I should give in to the craze? What’s in a pumpkin spice latté anyways?

Enjoy your weekend and take the time to appreciate some of the little joys in your life right now. Leave a comment to share what you are grateful for this fall.

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