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Five Ways to Cool A Sunburn

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:02pm 1 Comment

Five Ways to Cool A SunburnWhat’s red, unattractive, and hurts all over? A nasty sunburn, and that’s no joke. If you have ever endured the unfortunate pain of a sunburn then you probably use sun block lavishly now. Whether you’re a tanning fiend or just enjoy the sun, these five simple soothing sunburn tips are great to keep handy in case you ever need to cool a sunburn. And the best part, you don’t even have to leave the house to feel better.

  1. Got Milk?Open the fridge and grab the milk. Cool milk is a great way to moisturize and heal sunburned skin with its lactic acids and fat.
  2. Brew it Up.To prevent and heal your peeling skin, brew green tea and allow it to cool completely, then use a sponge to soak your skin. Tea is anti-inflammatory and has antioxidants that can reduce skin damage.
  3. Your Soaking in It.Take a baking soda bath. One cup of baking soda can go a long way when soaking your sunburned skin. You can also take an aloe vera gel bath or soak in a cool uncooked oatmeal-based bath.
  4. Get Your Vitamins. Increase your intake of Vitamin C by eating fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. Fruits can help speed the healing process for sunburned skin. Vegetables will also enhance antioxidants and sooth your skin quicker. A cool cucumber is often used to sooth skin; slice it and wipe it right on your skin.
  5. Slather up!Re-hydrate your skin by moisturizing three times a day with a moisturizer, preferably one without alpha-hydroxy acids, which can sting raw burnt skin. You can use an aloe vera ointment or the aloe leaves directly by peeling off the top layer of the leaves and applying the side of the leaf directly onto the skin. Also try acolloidal oatmeal lotion.

Here a few things you should not do when you have a sunburn:

  • Do not pick at your flaking skin because it can make the peeling worse; instead let it fall off naturally.
  • Do not use body scrubs or exfoliating products until the peeling has stopped. Your skin is delicate when it is sunburned.

Be sure to protect your skin and learn from your sunburn mistakes by hitting up the sunscreen aisle, so this sunburn is the last one.

Written by:Isobella Jade

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I took the Made from Earth Pure Aloe Face Treatment on a recent vacation to Barbados. I usually burn on my face, shoulders and arms. My skin is quite painful and I peel for two weeks after I get home, which is never a pretty sight. 

This time, I applied the Pure Aloe Skin Treatment  every evening after getting back to my hotel room. The first thing you notice is how immediately soothing it is. Also, my skin recovered more quickly the next day. I was done peeling within only a couple days after getting home, and had a great tan as well. I'm never going on vacation without this made from earth aloe again.
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