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Finding Soul in the Familiar

Posted Dec 06 2010 7:52am

What makes something soulful?  My husband and I have been talking recently about “finding soul in the familiar”.  The reason why every year on our anniversary we say, “Let’s go back to Costa Rica!” our honeymoon destination where we enjoyed two weeks of heaven amongst the rain forests and beaches.  The reason why year after year we enjoy going back to the same places to hike and camp.  Why on most Sunday afternoons (even in winter) we head to the beach near our home for a walk and then to the Snug , a local Irish pub, for a beer and dinner.

Because they are familiar.  There is comfort.  And there is soul.

I looked up the definition of soul and found several meanings.  The one I thought most closely related to this phrase: the emotional part of human nature; the seat of the feelings or sentiments.

That’s how I feel when I recall fond memories of trips, spending time with family.  There is an emotion, a softness, I don’t get from other parts of my life.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I got together with two friends from childhood.  And by childhood, I mean I’ve known Kelly (right) since kindergarten and Lisa (middle) since 2nd or 3rd grade.  Although Kelly lives on the west coast now, we stay connected in a way that might suggest we see each other weekly.  Thanks to Facebook, we reconnected with Lisa in recent months after a hiatus of many years.

Although our get togethers are few and far between, spending two hours on a Saturday morning felt right.  There was no discomfort and we picked up where we left off.  We reminisced, talk about now, talked about plans for the future.

In a world that is constantly stretching us beyond our comfort zone, to take a risk or face a challenge, it’s nice to know there are some parts of life that remain familiar.  Where we can seek solace and comfort during otherwise chaotic times. In a world that is constantly seeking “balance”, adding more soul to our lives may be just what the doctor ordered.

To have that soulful familiarity once in a while, that is feel good living.

How about you?  How do you find soul in the familiar?  What gives you that same sense of comfort?

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