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Finding Natural Health Remedies for Walking Pneumonia

Posted Dec 10 2009 11:50pm
I’m finally back from a two weeks vacation to down under and it’s now back to a normal routine and mundane lifestyle. When I was in Australia, I shopped around for lots of natural health remedies and products including propolis, manuka honey and echinacea. As a believer in holistic treatment, I use these products for daily maintenance and treatment of certain ailments.

Few months ago, I was down with pneumonia and it was unfortunate that it had returned during my vacation. I had fever, cough and a blocked nose for a week and finally sought treatment when I was back in Singapore. The respiratory specialist concluded that it was mycloplasma or walking pneumonia and I’m now treated with antibiotics. From my research, I have found that pneumonia generally affects both lungs and involves infection, irritation and swelling. Sometimes only one pulmonary lobe may be affected, in which case the disease is not very serious. Sometimes pneumonia affects only the upper pulmonary region (bronchial area), while in some cases the disease affects the entire region of the lungs. When the disease is caused by infectious agents, the disease is more serious and requires medical treatment. Some pneumonia may not cause any infection (aspiration pneumonia) and usually doní’t require any medications and they clear up within a few days or weeks.

Walking pneumonia which is common in children and teenagers is usually caused by microorganisms called Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Walking pneumonia resembles flu or cold and sometimes its symptoms are perceived at later stages of the disease. A person with walking pneumonia can experience the symptoms of the disease only after several weeks from contracting the microorganisms responsible for the infection. Walking pneumonia evolves slowly and it can be diagnosed long after a person has caught the disease, therefore allowing the infectious agents to be contracted by other people.

Well, with my compromised health during the vacation, I didn’t do much shopping as I had wanted except to accompany my cousin to get some ceramic tiles for her new home. I will be looking up the web for some natural health remedies for mycoplasma and hopefully, my efforts won’t go futile. Some have suggested that propolis may be able to deal with bacteria but the findings are still infant for me. I hope to discover a holistic treatment for this illness very soon.

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