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Finding happiness

Posted by Stephanie B.

Finding happiness is a difficult prospect for many people. Even here in America, the most prosperous country in the world, many people are not happy. This should tell us something - that more stuff can't buy happiness.

Unfortunately, our media feeds into this mistaken idea that mere things can make us happy. True happiness can only be found within, however. Find the love that's inside of you - that's where true happiness lies.

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Tying into this, I think a lot of people associate happiness with the "next big thrill," a feeling that's often attached to extreme behavior or lots and lots of excitement, whether that means taking a vacation or throwing a huge party or jumping out of an airplane. I think that in our ADD-addled society, there's this fear of sitting still because, gee, that might just lead to boredom. I think the addiction to excitement can be just as misguided when it comes to being happy because you forget to treasure the simple, little moments, like cuddling a pet or watching the sun set. Happiness isn't just about the hundred-piece orchestra or fireworks going off somewhere in your brain. The older I've gotten, I've begun to associate it more with peace, inner calm, that little song that flits through my mind when I'm content.

I think true happiness is found when you let go of your ego. Your ego is what makes you constantly compare yourself with others, want more and more things and achievements, and basically constantly be wanting more. This is not to say that I think the person's drive should be stunted or eliminated because that is one of the best things in life. 

Starting a meditation practice helps you to eventually eliminate your ego.  Not only that but it also makes you a more calm and compassionate person in your daily life. It also enables you to be more aware of your surroundings and the beauty in your environment and the people around you. It has had all these effects on me and I can see it already happening to my husband as well. I strongly recommend it.

One can find true happiness in simply doing the tasks/things (good deeds) what one wish to do without any inhibitions. I find true happiness in helping others who are really in need badly. One can find true happiness in giving help/assistance in any means, not in receiving.

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