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Finding Flow in Photography

Posted Feb 15 2010 12:00am

So I’ve let six months go by without a single post. How does that happen? Sometimes, life just happens. A demanding career. Time spent traveling to be with family. Taking care of a home on my own. Trying to figure out what our lives are supposed to look like since my husband moved to a different state for a job. Caring for a geriatric dog. Then again six months sans blogging allowed plenty of time for introspection and dabbling at things that interest me – things where flow happens effortlessly. Finding recurring themes: writing, cooking, photography, and motorcycling. Interests that find me browsing blogs and researching and signing up for online courses. Interests that tug at me for the learning and discovery opportunities. Potential passions. Escape from the tedious. Outlets for creative thought and movement. New pathways on my Journey to Flow.

I came across a couple of ideas for photography practice in my web travels – the 365 challenge and 100 frames. The 365 challenge is to take at least one picture every day, read at least one page in your camera manual every day and view professional photos every day – for one year. For 100 frames, the idea is to choose a theme or place and shoot 100 frames. The challenge is to view the ordinary stuff of our everyday lives in a new perspective. And with 100 frames, surely at least one photo pops. All of this sounds much simpler than I believe it will be.

Excellence requires lots of practice. Devoted. Mega. Intense. Practice. My first challenge is to carry my camera everywhere with me. And no cheating by depending on my Blackberry!   I’m not promising that the photography will be captivating – certainly not in the beginning. So follow along on my new journey and critique when the spirit moves you.

Since I was working in the yard anyway, my inaugural day for the 365 challenge was this shot of the fiery blossoms on a vine my husband planted but has never seen the glory of his work.

For day 2, I had the day off today (yeah for company holidays!) and headed to my favorite place for soul soothing to try out the 100 frames idea. These are my favorites from the shoot.

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