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FGL TV Stretch Break! Chair stretch for hips and lower back

Posted Feb 17 2010 5:28pm

When you sit a lot during the day your hips and lower back get compressed and that creates stress on the body.  The hips also serve as a storage depot for emotional “stuff”.  During today’s stretch break I guide you through a chair stretch for hips.  Once again, this stretch is great for anyone who sits a lot during the day.  This is also great for runners/athletes or anyone you just wants to relieve lower body tension.  Always remember to breathe!  Stretching is feel-good living.

Note:  The Stretch Break series is designed for the average healthy adult.  Please always consult a physician before starting any exercise/movement program. If you have knee, back or hip pain/injury this stretch may not be right for you.  If you are unsure, please check with your doctor before participating in these exercises

MODIFICATION: If you have trouble lifting your foot to your knee as demonstrated in the video try this: If you are lifting the right ankle to the left knee, instead of bending the left knee, extend the left leg out in front of you and bring the right ankle towards your shin.  Avoid placing the ankle on the knee – you never want to push in on the joints. Continue to flex the right foot and think about pressing the knee away from you. Keep the left knee soft to avoid locking it.

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