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Favorite Finds: My World

Posted Nov 15 2013 11:27am

Good morning y’all, it’s Friday!  I feel silly saying TGIF nowadays since I’m working from home, but work is work no matter where you’re working, right?

Yesterday morning I went to our local urgent care center because I woke up with a raspy voice.  Since it had been about two weeks – I lost my voice, got it back, have a lot of drainage, lost my voice again – I decided it was time to see a professional.  I was the youngest patient in the center so I was given the “Hot Air Balloon Bear” room…  It was magical.


The nurse practitioner did an exam and just as I suspected, I have a bad sinus infection.  The post-nasal drip is aggravating my throat aka why my voice sounds sexy.  She prescribed me antibiotics that look like gigantic pink horse pills, told me to take it easy, and sleep as much as possible.  Sure thing doc, it could be worse!

In traditional Friday fashion, I’m sharing some of my favorite finds but they’re not from Pinterest .  Rather, they’re from my world – products that I’ve purchased (or generously have received) over the past few weeks!


The kind folks at Bestowed sent me one of their October boxes.  Unfortunately, they had my old address *whomp, whomp* so I didn’t receive my box until the end of the month, but the products inside made up for the delayed arrival.

Without a doubt, my favorite product was the UNREAL Peanut Butter Cups .  UNREAL claims that their candies contain no junk like hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, GMOs, and artificial colors or flavors, and can be found online or at Target!

The other non-GMO products in the box:


Wegmans Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter – This is the crunchiest peanut butter that I’ve ever eaten, I’d say that it’s about a 50/50 ratio of peanuts to peanut butter.  It’s not too thick though that you can’t schmear it onto toast, bagels, or pancakes.  I also appreciate that it’s in a glass jar because the past few times I’ve used a plastic peanut butter jar to make OIAJ, the jar has been too hot to hold and/or has slightly melted.


The Good Bean – They spoiled me (yet again) and restocked our pantry with a few pouches of their chickpea snacks – Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper, Smoky Chili & Lime, Sweet Cinnamon – and a few of their fruit and no-nut bars – Apricot Coconut, Fruit & Seeds Trail Mix, Chocolate Berry.  They also sent a sample of their two new chickpea flavors…  I’d share a review but I don’t know if I can spill the “beans” (get it?) quite yet.  What I can say is that one of the flavors is a big hit in our house.


Semi-Homemade Dill Pickles – I go through jars of pickles at an alarming rate (I’m obsessed), but rather than buying multiple jars each week, I make my own semi-homemade batch by using the leftover pickle juice!  I use an English cucumber because it doesn’t have a waxy outer coating, slice it in into approximately 2 inch strips, and then place them into the pickle jar.  The longer you let it sit, the more pickled the cucumbers get.


Blackstrap Molasses – I’ve been searching for blackstrap molasses ever since Heather mentioned it and I finally found it at Wegmans this week.  It’s only been a couple of days and I’m hooked.  I’ve drizzled it on top of oatmeal, pancakes, frothy coffee, and can’t wait to make my first batch of holiday cookies!  Also, did you know that blackstrap molasses is a nutritional powerhouse?  It’s a great source of iron, calcium, copper, manganese, potassium, and magnesium!  Read more about it here .


Silk Seasonal Nog – This is my absolute favorite holiday drink, hands down!  I know that a lot of people go bonkers for the Starbucks Passion Spice Latte (I admit, I still haven’t tried it), but I’d be willing to bet that if you took a poll and asked which drink people preferred, the nog would win.  And if it didn’t that’s fine because that means more for me.  I love adding a frothy serving to my morning coffee, replacing the milk in my cereal with it, or adding a splash over ice cream and making a “milkshake.”


Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese – I’ve mentioned this product a few times recently and a few people asked if I made it.  Nope, I found it in the dairy section near the other cheeses at Walmart and just recently at our local Wegmans.  It has a bit of a tang to it (from the Greek yogurt), the consistency is identical to traditional cream cheese, it has 2X more protein and 50% less fat, and contains live and active cultures.  Also, they just came out with a few different Greek Gourmet Spreadable Cheese flavors – I haven’t tried them, but I imagine they’re tasty too.


Stacy’s Simply Gingerbread Pita Chips – I like to refer to these as Christmas Crack Chips.  Sure, I love to snack on chips year-round, but I have no restraint around these ones so it’s a good thing that they’re a holiday special.  They remind me of cinnamon sugar graham crackers but crispier and with a touch of gingerbread (hence the name).  Eat them straight out of the bag, crumble them on top of some yogurt, or dip them into vanilla ice cream – I warn you, they’re addicting.


RiceSelect Royal Blend Texmati White, Brown & Red Rice – I blame it on the sinus infection, but I’ve been craving warm comfort foods and one of my favorite comfort foods is rice.  Strange, but true.  When I was younger my momma made chicken and wild rice weekly, it was her go-to meal.  This big jug was the only wild rice that I could find at Wegmans so I went with it.  Well, I’m glad it’s so big because it’s one of my new favorite side dishes – it’s a great mix of flavors and textures – and I don’t doubt that we’ll polish it off within the next week.


Keurig Rivo Cappuccino & Latte System – Last week when Ryan and I were at his ankle appointment, I received a message on Twitter from Keurig.  They said that they wanted to send me one of their new Rivo systems and provided me with a comp code.  I immediately clicked the provided link, added a Rivo to my cart, entered the comp code, and it didn’t work.  I couldn’t help but laugh and ask them not just once, but twice if this was a scam.  They reassured me that it wasn’t and asked for my address so they could process it themselves.  Well, guess what showed up yesterday?  I was shocked and feel incredibly thankful!

*Disclaimer: I received a Bestowed Box, products from The Good Bean, and a Keurig Rivo Cappuccino & Lattee System for free but I did not receive any form of compensation for my review.  All other products mentioned above I purchased myself.  Links throughout the text are not affiliate links, meaning that I do not receive any form of compensation if you click on them.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Question:  What’s one of your current favorite products?

Question:  Pickles – yay or nay?

— Allison

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