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Experience a Personal Evolution

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:10pm

“Change is at the very core of evolution and without it, all creatures would look alike and behave the same way.”
- Martin Dansky (Actor, Artist, Writer)

By definition, evolution is any process of growth or development.

Milestones are a great time to think about growth and development. As I enter year four of being my own boss, I thought it would be a great time to take a walk down memory lane. Where I was and where I am now are two very different places. That change didn’t happen over night or with ease. It evolved, slowly, day by day, choice by choice, experience by experience.

Every day we make choices; some are risky and help us grow and some are safe, keeping us right where we are. The risk may have you feeling unsure or uncomfortable, creating fear because the outcome is unknown. Believe me, I know! Rather than be afraid of it, why not get excited at the opportunity and endless possibilities? Each of us as individuals has the power to grow and develop if we choose that path.

As a result of choosing to evolve I have experienced:

  • Professional growth as I take my business in new directions
  • Increased personal satisfaction and fulfillment
  • New skills and abilities due to continuous education
  • More fun and excitement in my life

I experience these feelings because I’ve made choices and taken risks that were aligned with my passions and goals. I know I am capable of creating a positive outcome.

Rather than rushing through each day feeling overwhelmed take some time to stop, pause and reflect on where you started. You might surprise yourself with the progress you’ve made, just as I surprised myself. Say congratulations and then keep moving! Take it upon yourself to create the change you need in your life. Get support and take the risk. Exciting things can happen when you do. Give yourself permission to experience a personal evolution!

These are three key factors that helped me evolve over the past three years. Without them I would be in the same place I started.

Forget about perfection. The need for perfection can keep you stuck, quite possibly, forever. I am very familiar with this. Get unstuck and follow these steps to your personal evolution: Collect enough data, prepare yourself for the new endeavor, and make sure your confidence and self-respect remains in tact. If you’re trying something new, no matter how big or small, there is no guarantee of perfection so be satisfied for doing your best.

Take action. You know what you want to do. DO IT! Take some action. This is one of the best ways to learn. It’s been my best learning tool over the past few years. Taking action can be difficult and requires a strong belief in yourself and support along the way. Do it, and you may surprise yourself with what you’re capable of how and how satisfying it is!

See the opportunities. The first time you take action you may hit some or a lot of bumps in the road. Don’t let this make you call it quits. Change your thinking. Instead of dwelling on what didn’t go right, focus on what went right, build on it and learn something new. After every experience ask yourself, “What did I learn that will allow me to have even greater success next time?”

Are you on the path of personal evolution? Do you get tired and stuck sometimes? How do you keep moving?

This week I’ll announce some new aspects of my evolution. Stay tuned

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