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Emotional Environment Change and Strong Energy Reactions

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:07am

This article was written as part of the following conversation:

Hi KC,
I am a 32 year old woman living in Connecticut for the past few months. Since moving here I have settled in well but cannot seem to be ok with some people I work with and even some parents of my daugher's friends. I don't have issues with anyone, but I cannot seem to get confortable. I have two beautiful children and do not want to uproot them by moving somewhere else. I want to make this work. I have tried to tell myself to take things with a pinch of salt but I seem unable to. I have these strong feelings of repulsion when certain people even enter the building and don't know what to do. Any advice you give me will be appreciated.

Dear F,
Did you have these strong reactions always or is it just in Connecticut? Please describe the emotional and physical reactions as best you can.

I have had these strong reactions both feelings and physical draining for a few years now. This time around it might affect my career and make me and the kids move again. I feel choked suddenly, sometimes my eyes water, I lose co-ordination too sometimes. I feel like I'm smelling something bad and that crinkles up my face - not something that endears you to your colleagues. The worse bit is when my mood changes completely for no apparent reason and I just cannot continue working or concentrating. I don't even know some of these people, and definitely don't think they're bad people - I don't know why I feel the way I do. There's no pattern or similarity between the people that bring up these reactions.

Dear F,
Have you ever been, for more than a few years of your life, part of an intense emotionally caring environment with many friends or family (or an institution/order) and had to leave them suddenly and completely?
Also do you find it hard to lose and keep weight off your hips?

Hi K.C
I'm surprised you asked me those questions. Yes, I grew up with five siblings, and a close extended family (my parents were church leaders). I chose a path in life that my family and church would never be OK with. So I moved away, was forced to for my sanity's sake. This was about 10 years ago. Does this have something to do with having negative emotional reactions?
Yes, I never have been able to lose the lovehandles and haven't gotten to trying to keep weight off there. I don't have the figure I'd like to have, but I'm not fat either.

Dear F,
When we are part of a strong circle of people (like in a big family, or an institution) in the developing years or for a long time in adulthood, our energy bodies get used to certain patterns of energy flow. We get used to accepting certain energy field patterns, and begin to 'focus' on these, rejecting other 'strange' energy fields as being unrequired.

In the old days when people rarely ever stepped out of the circles of family and religious orders that they were born into, it was easy because their energy fields didn't need to be able to adapt to new strange energy patterns as much. But in our times, we are bombarded with strange energy patterns. Sometimes this can get a little too much, especially if we are highly sensitive. Our bodies are still interpreting the new energies as strangers - to be wary of. It is difficult for an energy body that is not receiving the sort of energy it is used to, to deal with new energies. This sends off trauma signals in the body - eyes watering, loss of coordination, quick breathing and feelings of being repulsed etc.

At the same time, we also tend to allow certain energy patterns near us just because they are familiar - and not because we really like them. No matter how much you truly hate a certain drink, if you were in a foreign land, you'd go all sentimental at the sight of it - just because it reminds you of home. There are lots of people who have married their wives or husbands just because they reminded them of some time or place they were far away from at the time.

In people who have had to change their energy field pattern to make do without the support of the family/religious/organization they had developed to fit in with, the energy field tends to feel 'root-less' and energy starts draining out from either side of body where the physical hips are. This causes many to put on or stubbornly keep fat here. Its not compulsory for this to happen, but it happens a lot when the person hasn't found another circle to fit into, or is yet to develop his or her own new energy flow.

The energy field is struggling to develop its own roots now and in the meanwhile, the confusion causes energy drains and strong almost violent reactions to 'strange' energy fields - now even more than before because we are a little insecure because of our old roots being missing for now.

This energy field disorder tends to cause chronic infections in the Stomach, Lungs, Ear-Nose-Throat Canal, Sinus Inflammation, a feeling of 'frailty' around the shoulders and heart, and some metabolic disorders that might show up in lessened sleep quality, depression and so on.

The way out is simple; We need to develop new roots in the NOW, in our own true beliefs and what really inspires us - whether that's connected to the past or not. It is our human right to have our own personal roots.

We have to change the way we react because the emotional environment has changed. Peoples' way of showing love is different here, the things that are meant a lot before may not now - both to you and others as well. We just need to be aware of the Now and consciously put down new roots - either into the environment or in our own selves. Having little personal rituals and traditions really helps here, things that have deep meaning in our heart.

That said, the fact that you have strong reactions indicates that your energy field is healthy and alive. Every reaction is a sign from our bodies and spirit that something needs to done. Just trying to understand ourselves and consciously doing things to adapt and put down new roots, tells our body and spirit that we love ourselves and everything will be alright. This is really what we are longing for - for someone to say 'Everything will be alright' and to believe that really. Wherever we feel alright is where our roots really are, and this can be any place we choose.

I prepare a powerful energy medicine preparation to help manage strong emotional and energy reactions by calming the nervous system, energizing the heart and brain and removing blocks in the energy to facilitate moment by moment emotional awareness.

Energy Medicine for Emotional Healing: to Build Awareness >>


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