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Emotional care with Australian bush flower essences:

Posted Sep 12 2008 4:22am

By Carole Fogarty

Natural Wisdoms: A regular feature:

Australian Bush Flower Essences are the magical secret ingredient in my well being tool box. They can be used to balance emotional or mental states, taken orally, sprayed into a room, added to oil burners, your bath or massage oils.


They are simple to use, can be combined with any healing modality and get great results for any age, sex or gender. My children respond quickly as I can clear any emotional upsets from their energy fields effortlessly with a few drops under the tongue. I always carry an emergency essence blend in my handbag for those stressful moments (shopping centres etc) or if my children hurt themselves which can be often with three boys and all their sports.

Even our filtered drinking water at home is laced with a combination of essences depending on what’s happening in our family life at the time. Every little bit has helps.

Around six years ago I attended two amazing practitioner weekend workshops with Ian White the founder and creator of Australian Bush Flowers Essences. Ian has been developing awareness around the world of the Australian flower essences for over 20 years now. In his workshops he explained in great detail the healing qualities of all 72 Australian bush flowers their use in the aboriginal culture and how we can benefit emotionally, physically and spiritually from them. The core belief is a simple one. Good health is a result of emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. Australian bush flower essences assist subtly in achieving that harmony which is why I love them so much.

Aboriginals give birth on boab flowers:

boab-sw-corner_img.jpgMy favourite aboriginal story which Ian shares at his workshops is about the Australian boab flower. The boab tree is found in North Western Australia. Aboriginals would give birth lying on a bed of boab flowers or actually inside the trunk of a boab tree. The boab flower was the first thing the baby’s skin touched. The aboriginal belief is that the healing properties of the flower cleared the baby of any negative family patterns and ancestral ties which may hold them back in this life time. The boab flower essence today is still used for this very purpose giving you personal freedom from your families past. Yeah.

Flower Essences have been re-discovered this century:

Flower essences are not new. History has shown they have been successfully used by many cultures from around the world. There is a long tradition of their use in Ancient Egypt, India, Asia and South America. There are many stories explaining how health practitioners from the middle ages collected the fresh morning dew from flowers that were then later used to treat human conditions. Dr Edward Bach over sixty years ago re-discovered flowers healing qualities by using English flower essences with his patients. Most people today who are aware of alternate medicine will have most likely bought Bach’s famous “rescue remedy” from their local chemist shop or health food store.

Flower essences are simply the unique healing quality of the flower that has been infused into a solution of water and brandy.

A few of my favourite bush flower essences:



The doctrine of signatures which is the physical appearance of the flower generally relates to the healing qualities of the flower. Nature has cleverly left a clue as to the specific emotional care the flower offers. The bottlebrush is no exception. Looking like a brush that would clean the inside of a bottle it’s all about letting go and getting “rid of”. When you are in overwhelm by major life changes and need to feel calm and safe to deal with the issue then bottle brush will support you. It’s about letting go and moving on. Next!

Christmas bell:


When you are feeling a sense of lack in your life such as lack of abundance the Christmas Bell can assist. It supports your thinking, emotional state and energy around manifesting your desired outcomes. Christmas bell flowers around December till February and is found in country New South Wales and the Hawkesbury area.

Fringed violet:


If someone is sending you bad vibes or you are feeling quite distressed from things happening around you then Fringed violet is perfect. It is an essence I use a lot to clear distress from my aura when I’ve been to shopping centres, flying in airplanes or spending time in busy frantic places. It is also one of the flower essences used in the emergency essence blend

Of course I could go on forever with my favourite Australian bush flower essence list but I won’t. If you are keen to find out more visit their web site where there is a wealth of information about the emotional care Australian bush flowers can offer us.

In closing I’d like to offer appreciation and gratitude to Ian White for his continued journey working with the wisdom of Australian bush flowers and taking them to the world. There are now distributors in Argentina, Japan, Austria, New Zealand, Norway, Brazil, Poland, Canada, Chile, Spain andSlovak Republic just to name a few.

I trust you enjoyed this article. It is my greatest wish with “The Healthy Living Lounge” is that I offer regular doses of inspiration, comfort and wisdom for your body, mind and soul.

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