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Embodied Anatomy

Posted Apr 15 2009 11:13pm

by Lesley Powell

I have had the great fortune to have studied with teachers that have made anatomy exciting and how to apply it to my movement.  By understanding the body not only intellectually, embodied anatomy has deepened my concentration and improved my function.

Especially with my teachers Amy Matthews and last weekends workshops with Eric Franklin and Morton Dithmer,  this approach has improved my own teaching and my own connections.  I love how this work centers my mind.  A lot of meditation has you try to clear your mind of all thoughts.  A great practice…but advanced.  By putting my attention to a particular part of my body changes my concentration.

Eric Franklin’s workshop on the psoas last weekend was amazing.  I have been having a lot of problems with my right psoas.  This workshops released my psoas and back in such an amazing way.

Amy Matthews teaches at Movements Afoot an amazing yoga class bringing in embodied anatomy.  Her background is in Laban/Bartenieff, BodyMind Centering and yoga.  She teaches usually Wednesdays at 1:30 PM.  Do check the online schedule since Amy is travelling a lot with her teaching.

Eric Franklin will be back June 28.

Relax your Jaw, Align your Spine.

A Franklin-Method ® Workshop with Eric Franklin & Morten Dithmer
June 28 10 AM -1 PM $110
More muscles are attached to the human jaw (mandible) than any other bone in the body. Through these myriad connections the tension and positioning of the jaw influences our alignment, flexibility, stress level and muscular tension. An aligned and relaxed jaw increases the efficiency of our posture and movement in exercise as well as in all our daily activities.

The temperomandibular (TMJ) joint, which connects the jaw to the skull is the most commonly used joint in the body. Talking, eating and gesturing and emotional states all relate to the jaw. Coordinating the movement of the TMJ greatly benefits our overall ease of movement.

In this Workshop we will use experiential anatomy and imagery to balance the TMJ it the jaw muscles of tension. These processes commonly alleviate or even eliminate disorders related to the jaw, such as ear ringing, grinding of the teeth, tension and migraine headaches. Dancers and athletes benefit by improved technique, Pilates teachers and others with exercise expertise benefit by refining their teaching skills and increasing the benefits gained from their training. Lay people are able to eliminate headaches, teeth grinding and muscular tension in the jaw and neck.

Learn how to:

  • Release tension in the jaw and neck
  • Experienced the balanced function of the TMJ
  • Align your spine in a new ways.
  • Reduce stress and increase your energy

Feet for Life: Organizing our Dynamic Base

With Eric Franklin & Morten Dithmer June 28 2:30 -5:30 PM $110

Our feet carry us throughout our life-yet most of us are unaware of the amazing design that makes this possible. A myriad of bones, joints and muscles interacting in complex fashion allow the foot to propel us forward, adapt to terrain, and serve as a foundation and sensory organ.  This course will elucidate the function of the foot in an experiential manner, allowing us to improve the agility and well being of our feet in all situations, including walking, running, jumping and dancing.  In dance as in life the strength and agility of the feet are key. Without strong and well-aligned feet good posture cannot be attained and safe jumping is all but impossible.

  • Gain insight into the functional anatomy of the foot.
  • Learn imagery exercises for creating strong, flexible and agile feet.
  • Practice Theraband exercises to strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle.
  • Learn imagery and self-touch exercises to improve the efficiency of the bones, tendons, muscles and joints for walking and jumping.

To Sign Up for Franklin workshop, click here

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