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"Embarrassing" women's health issues

Posted by Nirmala N.

According to a recent article I read on WebMD, there are millions of women who don't want to talk about bodily conditions and issues that are considered shameful or embarrassing--this includes stuff like frequent urination, excessive sweating, gas, and vaginal odor. It makes sense, considering that according to researchers, "toilet talk is followed by body odors, vaginal odors, and bad breath in terms of embarrassing women's health issues." But at the same time, doctors suggest that since effective treatment is often in reach, NOT talking

But keeping tight-lipped about these issues does a disservice, since many times an effective treatment is available, she tells WebMD. Here are the top six most embarrassing conditions facing women and why you should stay silent no more. Starting with:

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It is hard to talk about issues like that unless you are talking to people with similar issues who are seeking help like yourself.

Hello; I know what you mean.  I've had a problem with odor ever since puberty.  Both of my children have it too. 

I've found something that helps; increasing liquids in my body (not just any fluid), and decreasing sugar intake.  I still sweat a lot, but I don't think that I have the same amount of bacteria in my system that I used to because there is barely any odor now.  Yes, it is hard to talk about, but if you talk about it with an objective, you can keep in mind that your "problem" will soon be fixed. 

This is why I became a healthcare professional.

I was looking for tips to stay odor free "down there". I live in Texas, and it's summer, so I am sweating ALOT, especially in the crotch region. And then, odor follows. Taking a shower 4 or 5 times a day is not reality. I have tried the Always personal wipes and those are really good, but I am very bothered about the way I smell by the end of the day. Any advice?
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