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Eight successful ways to connect to your inner wise voice:

Posted Sep 29 2008 10:34pm

By Carole Fogarty


Natural wisdoms:


Re-arrange your priorities and give daily attention to your soulful needs. Your soul extends beyond your five senses. Your soul is separate from your personality. To know who you are and to know the path that you are meant to be on you simply need to connect to your soul on a daily basis.

“Each of us has a house with four rooms: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual: but unless we visit every room every day we are not complete” An Indian Proverb




For the past twenty years I have been endeavoring to follow my heart and not my head. I wish to know what my truth is for this moment in my life and not what others think it is. I wish to place more importance on my internal world and not the external. I wish for a clarity feeling confident that this is the journey for me. I wish for some guidance when I am utterly confused and I wish to heighten my intuition as it is the direct link to my inner wise voice.

The answers of course to all of my wishes are always there when I allow myself the time, the stillness and the space to connect with my inner wise voice.


Reclaim the connection with your inner wise voice:

I have practiced many different rituals over the past twenty years. Some have worked some of the time and others work all the time. Your uniqueness will determine which is the right daily practice or practices for you. I encourage you just as the Indian proverb above suggests to visit your spiritual room on a daily basis.

There is comfort in being connected to your inner wise voice, higher self or soul. It brings many unexpected journeys and lightens the load knowing you are not alone.


1. Wake up gently and speak to your soul in the quiet of the early morning:

Your soul has the brightest voice when there are minimal distractions. Take a moment to linger with the whispers from within before getting out of bed. Perhaps even ask “ What is it you need me to know today”. You will be surprised what naturally comes to the surface. It may be in the form of a voice, a picture or even a feeling. I always keep a notebook beside my bed as often in that half awake half dream state some absolutely brilliant truths come my way.


2. Give your soul a written voice.

Whether you think you can or can’t journal it doesn’t matter. Journaling has proven to be the most consistent way I have communicated to my inner wise voice. I simply ask a question and then let my hand answer. I try not to think too much about spelling or grammar and simply allow the scribble to flow. A particularly potent journaling prompt that I have been using for the past six months is ‘ What do I really, really, really want?”

You may wish to read my article called Eat, Pray, Love a journey of spiritual excitement which explains where I got the question from. If you haven’t read the book Eat, Pray, Love then you must go and grab yourself a copy now. It will inspire you beyond your wildest dreams.


3. Ask for proof:

If I am feeling uncertain I often ask for the universe to deliver some guidance. The clue could appear in a magazine, through conversation, on the side of a car, in a book, on the wall in a shop or even on TV.

You must expand your awareness and be open to the messages and sometimes subtle clues along the way.

If you need some more support in recognizing the signposts along the way I highly recommend Cheryl Richardson’s book called The Unmistakable Touch of Grace which I have listed below in the resources.


4. Meditate:

Sitting in stillness allows most of the busyness to fall out of your head giving rise to a clearer channel to your inner wise voice. I either meditate on a word such as love, truth, om or beauty repeating it over and over again or a mantra I feel drawn too. Sometimes I may even put a CD on for a guided meditation particularly when my mind is feeling tired and exhausted.

It is when you put yourself in this calm open space that you are inviting your inner guidance to rise to the surface. My journaling is always more potent after I have mediated.


5. Marinate more often with your soul:

Schedule regular time out from all your thinking and doing to just be. I’ve experienced some amazing aha moments by just hanging out with myself or friends.

You might treat yourself to a retreat once or twice a year to really rejuvenate the essence of you. This is something I have always done.

Create a day a month. No TV, phones, computers or mobiles. Remove distractions and marinate with yourself by having a massage or facial followed by lunch with the girls or boys.

A recipe which was given to me years ago suggested scheduling in your diary 1/2 an hour a day, 1/2 a day a week and 1 day a month for rejuvenating your soul.

Gosh you may even want to join me in Bali this July. I never quite feel as grounded and rejuvenated as I do when I am in Bali. It’s spiritual qualities as an island are awesome.


6.Oracle cards for divine guidance:

I love oracle cards and have used them most of my life. In fact my two younger boys even have their own deck of oracle cards just for kids called Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards

About three years ago I immersed myself in Doreen Virtues Angel Therapy Practitioner Course to deepen my understanding of the oracle cards. Oracle cards are easy to use and no skill what so ever is needed except a calm mind and focused question.

You simply quieten yourself, shuffle the cards, ask a question then keep shuffling until the deck becomes clumpy or you feel its time to stop. Then reveal the top three cards to give you a story in relation to your question. I often ask “ What is it you need me to know now”

If the cards make no sense whatsoever to you I suggest placing them under your pillow and sleeping on them overnight for further insight.


7. Trust is the only skill you need:

Our desire to hang onto what is known and comfortable can sometimes block our connection to the wisdom of our inner wise voice. If you are lacking trust in your journey then you must create a new mantra for yourself. I trust in the wisdom and flow of my life.

Each time you repeat this mantra you automatically remove another piece of resistance that has kept you separate from your own inner wise voice in the past. Remove all obstacles now by trusting in the flow. Your mind does not have the answers.


8. Know what fuels your soul:

If you don’t know what excites, inspires and fuels your soul then how can you create a meaningful connection with it. Know what your soul is craving today, this year.

If your soul is craving more peace then give it more peace. If your soul is craving latin salsa dancing lessons then do that. Your soul knows exactly what it needs at this point in your life to move you easily towards the next part of your journey. Listen to your internal cravings and discover what fuels your soul.

I personally am craving some sensual latin American dance classes. Why? I have no idea but I’m open to the guidance of my soul.


Thanks for reading my article, Carole.


Additional free resources:

If you are really serious about connecting to the inner wise voice of your soul then Denise Linn offers her 28 day soul coaching program absolutely free on-line via an audio program. Each day there is a meditation and focus for the day.

Cheryl Richardson touch of grace cards are free from her web site. Simply ask a question and let the cards reveal the answer. The card I drew for the essence of this article was Support - Expect help: A divine power more magnificent than anything else on this planet is ready to support our every move. How perfect.


Books which speak to your soul:

All the following books I have personally read and can highly recommend.

The Unmistakable Touch of Grace: How to Recognize and Respond to the Spiritual Signposts in Your Life by Cheryl Richardson

Freedom Is: Liberating Your Boundless Potential by Brandon Bays

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert

Soul Coaching by Denise Linn

Journalution: Journaling to Awaken Your Inner Voice, Heal Your Life and Manifest Your Dreams by Sandy Grason. This is a great book if you wish to develop your journaling skills.


Please visit my Wellbeing Toolbox which has been created just for you
or join me in Bali this July for my annual Womens Rejuvenation Retreat.


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