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Easy pockets of meditations for the busy and frazzled:

Posted Sep 30 2008 12:29am

By Carole Fogarty


Rejuvenate You:  Meditation On The Go:

Comfort on the go is all about taking a moment to stop, pause, breathe and refuel by topping up your very precious energy levels.


Receive comfort on the go with pockets of meditation:

Most guided meditations that I have come across in the past 20 years have a time consuming thirty or more minutes attached to them. The reality is in most cases its simply not practical and just not going to happen. The glorious benefits to be gained from meditation seem a very distant dream to be had one day in the future.

Enter the very easy and delightfully simple pockets of meditation solution:

Arrive my latest discovery a CD called meditation for busy frantic women. A friend who I also consider a mentor the gorgeous Pam Abeling is devoted to helping women love themselves more and get more out of their lives. As a result Pam has created an impressive selection of awesome meditations that range from three to 12 minutes. A five minute meditation is something we can all do without feeling guilty and still gain the benefits of receiving an energy top up.


Pam Abeling
The best part for you and I is Pam has generously offered two free sample meditations from each of her three albums that you can download right now from her web site.


The first free meditation download from her “on the go” CD is called Rejuvenation which is a very practical 3.56 minutes in duration. The perfect solution to bringing a pocket of stillness and comfort into your day. The second is called Tranquility Bay and is 6 minutes in total giving a deeper level of achievable relaxation. The music for her CD album is created by Marc AllenAuthor of the Millionaire Course, musician and co-founder and president of New World Library.

I have been listening to her meditations for the past week since she sent me a CD and all tracks offer slightly different ways in which to treat yourself to pockets of peace throughout your day. There is one track called head and shoulders which is perfect if you happen to suffer neck and shoulder tension.

My favourite however was the track called Your Perfect Day. It is 7 minutes and 56 seconds and is all about connecting then visualizing to your perfect day. If all goes well in the mornings I have been playing this before anyone wakes up. It gives me a sense of belonging more deeply to my day and not allowing myself to get pushed around by the busyness of life.

So what are waiting for? Hop over to Pam’s site now and grab yourself some comfort on the go with her free downloads. I’m sure Pam would also be thrilled if you purchased some Cd’s for early Christmas presents.


Pam is giving away a few copies of her latest CD “On the Go Meditations” to my regular readers - Yeah!


If you would love a copy then please drop me a line and the most deserving, stressed out frantic, mum’s or dad’s will be receiving an early Christmas present from Pam. Thanks Pam.

Thanks for reading my article.

Peace, love and comfort on the go to you all.


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