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Each Pilates Equipment invites new fitness

Posted Mar 31 2009 11:17pm

by Lesley Powell, Director of Movements Afoot

We sometimes get calls of clients wanting only a certain kind of class, mat, reformer, tower, etc. They are not open to anything else. I find this hard to understand. Being an owner of a Pilates studio is like having an adult romper room. Different equipment and play keep me interested and exploring Pilates.

The beauty of all the Pilates equipment invites different physical experiences. Most of the exercises can be done on both pieces of equipment. The reformer with its moving bed can challenge balance, mobility and strength. The tower has many possibilities of spring tensions. With the placement of the springs at many heights on the tower, can invite different fuller movements than the reformer.

Balanced Body's Pilates Arc

Balanced Body' s Pilates Arc

The Spine Corrector can teach you how to move your spine better. With Balanced Body’s new Pilates Arc, they have come up with some exciting ways to challenge balance that can’t be done on the original Spine corrector. Challenging balance makes you use your core deeper. The new Pilates arc can also be put on the reformer. Footwork with a rollup!

I am teaching a workshop this May 15 4-8 PM.


  • Pilates Arc Training (4 hours) $159.00 – Regular Price
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  • Pilates Arc Instructor Manual $25 – Regular Price
  • Total – Regular Price $343.00 + shipping Workshop and Arc
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Side Leg Springs

Side Leg Springs

One of my favorite exercises is side leg springs on the Tower.

Here you can work on your adductors, hamstrings, mobility and core strength.

You can do side leg exercises on the reformer, but it is more complicated. One has to be in the right position so the ropes clear your body. Because the ropes are close to the rails, there are limitations of certain movements.



Tower - Full Bridge

Because the tower bar and springs are a higher height, there are wonderful full body exercises to be done. The ropes on the reformer can offered more range of motion such as legs in straps while the springs on the tower have more resistance. The tower leg springs have the most resistance when moving legs away from your center. They lose resistance with the leg coming closer to you. Especially with clients with tight hamstrings, there is an advantage of the springs. Here you can work on strengthening and core support. When a client is too tight in the hamstrings, bringing their legs up beyond their capacity affects their core form.

Sometimes I use one piece of equipment to get a client to understand another exercise on another equipment. Elephant (like downward dog) is a deceiving exercise. One can be moving the carriage from the legs only. Using the Wunda Chair, Hamstring III teaches the importance of the core.  Many at first cannot do the exercise. They come to elephant with an entirely different perspective.

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