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Dread with a Capital D

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
Okay here's the skinny:

I have stared ALL DAY at my treadmill but couldn't get on the thing.
I know I stated that I was going to attempt to blog while walking today and yesterday it sounded so... easy... distant... pie in the sky...

Today? Not so appealing.

Okay, so maybe you didn't know one little, tiny, itty, bitty thing about me... Its true, I was once an athlete, and a pretty good one. Coordinated. Blessed with athletic ability from my Dad. Tall. Lean... but one thing I'm NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN? Disciplined.

Nope. Not me. Never gonna be me, I've finally realized.

I guess I could whine and moan about the injury I inflicted while walking on the treadmill earlier this year, but that would be lies. Yep, I scraped up my face, tread marks and everything, and had rug burns on my knees (minds out of the gutters ladies, please! this is a PG site!) but really that didn't deter me from the treadmill. I can't even explain what keeps me from doing it.

I guess if I had to try and explain it, it would be just plain dread. Dread. I dread lots of things. Consequently, I put them off- indefinitely. This seems to be a pattern with me. I put off cleaning the closet. I put off doing the grocery shopping. I put off calling my mother-in-law... why? All because of dread.

Dread is really the result of my coined phrase: LESS 'STEW' and MORE 'DO'... see, once I get ON the treadmill and start DOING the work, I'm totally fine. In fact, I'm more than fine. I'm FABULOUS! Don't mind it a bit... same with the closet, the shopping, and the moth- oh hell, I'm not gonna lie, I still dread calling her...

So okay, I just talked myself into it. Going to 'do' more and 'stew' less, but how about if I don't start until tomorrow? Hubby just drove to God knows where to pick up a zillion new horses, and won't be home til almost sunrise. I am kinda enjoying the quiet time and God forbid I fall on the treadmill without him here !!! (good excuse, right?)

Until tomorrow then-
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