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DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction in Texas

Posted Nov 10 2010 7:44pm

The incidence of breast cancer cases in women has increased and many of these cases require a mastectomy as part of the treatment. Removal of a breast can cause physical deformity and can be very traumatic for most women. On account of this, several breast reconstruction procedures have been developed to recreate the missing breast. DIEP flap breast reconstruction in Texas has gained popularity due to its decided advantages.

DIEP Procedure Has Many Advantages

The main advantage of the deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap breast reconstruction procedure is that there is no muscle removal involved. The process involves only the skin and the fat and does not harm the muscles. Another important advantage is that the patients require only a three-day hospital stay and recovery is quick and easy. The skin flap is taken from the lower abdomen in such a manner that the incision scar is hidden in the skin folds. This involves perforator blood vessel dissection, which makes the surgery longer but this is tolerated well by the body due to its superficial nature of the procedure. In fact DIEP can follow mastectomy in the same surgical procedure making it unnecessary to go through another round of surgery and hospitalization. Moreover, there is ample freedom of design in creating a soft natural breast. The lack of use of synthetic material or mesh makes the surgery more successful and the body accepts the new breast well.

Only an Extremely Skilled Surgeon Can Perform DIEP Successfully

Be sure to find a skilled surgeon in Texas who has performed numerous DIEP flap reconstruction procedures giving him the necessary skill and experience. Sometimes it is important to make an early decision as the fear and trauma of mastectomy often leads to reconstruction taking a back seat.  It is worth the time and effort to find a good and experienced surgeon, and enjoy the superior results of this reconstructive procedure.

DIEP flap breast reconstruction in Texas is fast gaining popularity and many women are well informed about the benefits of this procedure. This advanced surgical technique of using one’s own skin without harming the muscles has created a revolution in breast reconstruction procedures.

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