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Design your own health and well being affirmation:

Posted Sep 29 2008 11:08pm

By Carole Fogarty

Rejuvenate You:  With An Affirmation:

What’s your personal affirmation specifically for health and well being? If you have one great, if you don’t then I am here to suggest that you do. The constant, repetitive chatter and conversations that you have about your health and well being IS your personal health affirmation, whether you intend it to be or not.

The affirmation “I can feel myself aging” or “Oh, I’m feeling tired and old” repeated over and over again randomly throughout your day confirms that exact process energetically to your body, mind and soul and will speed up the aging process. You are now successfully growing older more quickly.

Wouldn’t it be so much more beneficial to replace those thoughts the instant they occur with an affirmation that focuses on the well being state you desire.

“I am now growing younger with more energy”

Of course for extreme well being we must have great spiritual health and great mental/emotional health but for the purpose of this article I am simply focusing on our physical health.


Choosing your affirmation:


Affirmations are intended to grow and change as you do, so please don’t think you have to have one affirmation for your entire life. It’s very, very healthy and important to be flexible and change your affirmations as you feel inspired to do so.

I change my health and well being affirmations from time to time. It can depend on the season, what’s happening in my life, where I believe I would like my well being focus to be, what shows up through my journaling or oracle cards or even what my body is telling me in yoga. There is absolutely no escaping the truth in yoga.

As I am a huge fan of simplicity I generally have one health affirmation for the start of the year and will sometimes modify or change it throughout the year as I feel inspired to do so. My focus at the moment is “ flexibility” and something that I am very aware of through my yoga practice. The more open and flexible my body becomes the more stuck emotions are released, the more energy I have, the more creative I am and the more amazing I feel.

My personal physical health and well being affirmation currently is:

“My body is open, flexible and spacious”

I repeat my affirmation throughout my yoga practice when I walk on the beach as I wake in the morning and anytime throughout the day.

More ways for choosing your affirmation:

You can choose your affirmation by asking your body or by simply knowing what area of your health you wish to improve.

Once you have chosen you will then need to format your health intentions into a few short words or a small sentence. This will be your affirmation.

You will know when your affirmation is complete by the way it sounds when you say it out aloud, how it feels when you write it down and read it back to yourself and above all how if feels inside.

If you have no idea what you should be focusing on health wise then journal for five minutes each morning and let your “inner guiding wisdom” solve the problem for you. You know that little voice which is never far away and is always trying to get your attention over the chatter in your mind.

As k yourself this simple question:

What’s the one thing I can do today that will benefit my health tomorrow?

Then let your hand do the writing.

A list of suggested affirmations:

If that doesn’t work then here are a few affirmations that you can choose from. Feel free to add, change and modify as you please. Remember its your personal affirmation no one else’s.

  • My body grows younger every day

  • My body is happy, calm and rested

  • My body is filled with abundant energy
  • Each day I have more and more energy

  • My body heals easily and effortlessly

  • My body is healed

  • My body is strong, mobile and alive

  • My body feels alive

  • I feel healthy and happy

Once you start repeating your affirmation over and over again you may still feel the need to modify and change the affirmation until it feels perfect for you.

Either way it is better to say an affirmation that you don’t feel 100% happy with for the moment than not to have one at all.

I trust I have given you enough options to get your personal health and well being affirmation habit off to a fabulous start.


Support your affirmation with a visual:

In addition I also created a little vision board at the beginning of this year with pictures and words that reflect “openness” “spaciousness” and “flexibility”. The idea is simple. With a quick glance of my vision board I can easily stay connected to the greater vision I have for my health and well being.


The above health vision board is my personal one for this year. I simply flicked through a lot of magazines and cut out the images and words that resonated with me. For me it feels light, open and free everything I want my body, mind and soul to be.

It is the first thing I see in the morning which is a great image to feed my body, body and soul.

You may wish to laminate yours and put it in the shower or bathroom or anywhere that will grab your attention often.

How long should you keep an affirmation for?:

Generally, I will keep my current health affirmation until I feel I have this particular habit handled or until another area of my health needs my attention. It certainly doesn’t mean I keep it until I become totally flexible as that process is on-going. I’ll then move onto another key area of my health that needs my attention, create another affirmation and repeat the process over again.

How you age is your choice:

There is absolutely no point at all living to a ripe old age if your health is so badly deteriorated that you can’t enjoy a single moment of it. Where’s the Healthy Living in that.

Having an affirmation for your health is a simple, no frills, easy to apply start for changing the future direction of your health. Please never underestimate the potency of adding a health affirmation to your life can be.

Thanks for reading this article.

Peace, love and potent affirmations to you all, Carole.

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