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Delay Aging by 12 Years and Banish Fatigue

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:03am

Delay Aging by 12 Years and Banish Fatigue Getting up and out of the chair can make you feel younger and also live longer. It might sound like a grudge and tug to get out of the chair and off the couch after your bones already feel tired from a long day. You should do it anyways.

Moving your body really does it wonders. Exercise doesn’t make you more tired, it actually prevents fatigue and your energy levels can increase 20 percent. That’s a lot of extra energy. Imagine what you could do with it. You might feel tired after a long day, but a workout, even a short one can make you feel more uplifted and happier.

Your mind and your body work together and if your body is fit your mind will be as well.

A lot of people who do not work out are sleep deprived and they rely on coffee and caffeine inspired drinks. Exercise actually makes a person feel more awake and less exhausted. It is best to start with a low-intensity exercise although higher intensity is preferred, to get the effects of living 10-12 years longer.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine concludes that maintaining an aerobic fitness routine can decrease biological aging. By exercising you can add up to 12 years to your life, also you’ll stay strong and independent as you age.

You start “aging” sooner than you think, between the ages of 20-35. As you age, you lose your aerobic ability, and muscle mass. Exercise and stretching fight aging and will help keep you young.

Stretching alone can do wonders for your energy, balance and coordination. Stretching is a great way to being an exercise routine. Also, stretching prevents injuries and will help you recover faster if you do get injured in the future.

Start exercising today, you’ll feel great and you’ll stay young and fit!

Written by: Isobella Jade

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