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Dealing with the mind... to attain clarity, to be in the moment

Posted Jun 23 2010 9:52am

It is easy to get lost within the many terminologies and descriptions that deal with meditation. Though uniquely displayed within Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shinto, etc. the fundamentals are the same.

To present it to you in a simple modern way in a language that can help you explore the depths of yourself and ultimately ‘Balance your mind’, is my undertaking. These daily discourses will be a guide into the simplicity of modern meditation.

I am asked often to clarify on what many Gurujis and Masters mean when they mention ‘eliminating the mind’, ‘diving into nothingness’, or ‘becoming one with the all’. Many books have been written exploring the answer, and many more search meticulously their whole lives for enlightenment. I will only provide a glimpse as to the deeper meaning of these teachings.

The most important aspect to note is that these are guiding words from enlightened beings meant to shock your conventional way of thinking. Drawing from a Zen approach (I’ll define Zen another time, though its direct translation is pure meditation), attaining a state of nothingness is a form of reaching enlightenment. A common misinterpretation which causes so much confusion is that Western definition of nothingness views it as a negative – whereas Eastern philosophy has a double meaning to nothingness and emptiness, providing a direct connection to fullness and infinity.

Bottom line is – through the practice of meditation there comes a time when you reach a state where your mind can be perceived as no longer being there (no longer dwelling on the past or romanticizing about the future). At this turning point you begin unlocking many oppressed powerful attributes within you – your creativity begins blossoming from within, always developing new designs and unique patterns, you also begin to act decisively intuitively knowing the answer, and you ultimately attain a state of pure clarity of thought being at peace with your surroundings and with yourself.

This state of pure clarity is attained after systematically eliminating all those mental blocks and constructs created by society, religion, family and past trauma. Meditation massages these blocks and constructs out of your system, when until you reach a point where only clarity is left… from all this elimination, comes a state of nothingness which leaves you completely free to enjoy the moment – providing you the ability to enjoy life in all its fullness, in all its infinite bliss.

Finding the right meditation for you is the key to practice being within this state. The best modern analogy of being completely within the moment is that of a professional athlete in the heat of a match, one step ahead of the play, acting intuitively, creatively.

Sydney Crosby upon scoring the Olympic Gold Medal winning goal simply said; “I don’t really remember what happened, I took the puck to the net and the next thing I know we’ve won Gold.”

When you’re completely in the moment your intuition, creativity, intelligence, awareness sees much more, then when you’re not!

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