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Dealing with Internal Conflict

Posted Jul 22 2010 8:55am

I deal with internal conflict frequently.Often, it results from what I think in my conscious mind “I should be doing” and it conforms to social or family norms, even when how I am living my life makes me happy. So I ignore my intuition and commit myself to something that does not allow me to live passionately; and now I have an internal conflict, because I have involved other people I do not want to disappoint. All of us have internal conflicts that come up; with all different catalysts. I wonder how you all deal with it.


For me; once I am conflicted; I know what to do but I fear it because it involves a conversation with someone external that I do not want to have. Or maybe; I am just questioning what the right decision is. In any case; there are some tools that you can use to clear the fog.


Many of us value the idea of a “Pros and Cons” list and I am all for journaling to receive clarity. In fact, you may want to start there just to jot down all of your questions and answers or to get to the root of the problem. For me personally, I know going in that the “cons” list will be bigger than the “pros” and I have to work out my approach to get out of the situation. I advise always keeping a journal close at hand to record any thoughts, or revelations you may have.

Regardless of your reason for being conflicted, it is essential to spend some time reflecting on your situation and to do that you need to clear your personal energy and the energy in the space that you spend your time.


So the first thing I do is take a bath, to purify my body and my soul. I will burn an incense of Copal resin, and add Sandalwood and Myrtle Essential Oils to my bath.  Sandalwood allows me to open up to my Divine voice and helps me through fear. Myrtle helps to achieve harmony by resolving internal conflict and confusion.


After the bath, I will clothe myself in warm, soft fibers and prepare to “let go”. When I go into my relaxation time I often employ the help of stones and/or gems. They are ancient healers and a gift from the earth. For these purposes I use Lapis Lazuli and Jasper.





I lay the Lapis Lazuli on my throat in order to balance my Throat Chakra and provide me with clarity in my thoughts, words, and actions. Lapis Lazuli also encourages me to “take charge of my life.”


I lay the Jasper on my Third Eye between my eyebrows because it supports me while encouraging honesty and bringing courage to whatever i may need to do.

Once I am comfortable I just start to breath and focus on only my breathing; when I feel like I have let go of all external thoughts I begin to ask the question that is weighting me down. And then just wait, for however long it takes to get the answer. I do not doubt or dispute what that answer is. I get the clarity I need 99.9% of the time and if I don’t during my relaxation, I most certainly will in my dreams that evening.


If all else fails and I still do not have the answers, I ask the Fairies. Yes I know it sounds strange but they are my personal allies. I use a card deck by Doreen Virtue called the Healing With the Fairies Oracle Deckicon. I am not a card reader, and you do not have to be to use these.

fairyThe cards are so beautiful and the only skill required is to quiet down enough to know when to stop shuffling and which cards to pull. I usually reflect on my question and then pull 3 cards, one to reflect the past few months, one for the current situation, and one for the next few months. The fairies always give me the clarity and the answer I am seeking. I highly encourage you to try these if you are having trouble resolving a question on your own. Doreen Virtue also has an Angel deck, if fairies are not your thing.


What are your tips for resolving conflicts? I would love to hear them.

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