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Crushing on Teddie

Posted Feb 27 2013 7:59am
Let me preface this post by saying that I’ve been awake since 2:30AM and I’m already on coffee numéro three so I’m not responsible for any of my rambles today.  Buttt, just because I hardly slept last night doesn’t mean that I’ll be a sourpuss today, I may just be a bit delusional and loopy come the afternoon.

While searching for “coffee” on Someecards I stumbled upon this gem…

[ source ]

Hm, I’m sure Magic Mike did have to drink a gallon of coffee after his “busy” nights – ah ha, now I see the connection ;)

By the way, what did y’all think of yesterday’s food themed post ?  Too much?  Would y’all like more “recap” style posts?  I have been oh so kindly repeatedly reminded that I still need to recap our honeymoon – I will, soon, I promise.  Perhaps this weekend in honor of our 6-month wedding anniversary on Sunday?!  Holy moly, time has flown…  We still need to sort through our wedding pictures and create our album.  We will, soon, I promise!

Moving on to today’s focus: food, specifically Tuesday’s eats.

Thanks Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting another tasty link-up!  Pssst, did you hear about her s-pea-tacular news ?

Hot Grain Cereal

I picked these up last week at TJ’s – definitely a different texture than straight up oats, but they’re still tasty & work well in my oatcakes


silky morning coffee [X a few] is a must


I’ve been hardcore crushing on Super Chunky Teddie PB .  I’ve refused to share it with Ryan – he’s gotten ham sandwiches for 2 weeks straight. reason for my selfishness – because I’m running out & have heard that it can be hard to find so I’m keep my fingers [& toes] crossed that our local Whole Foods has it…


cinnamon hazelnut oatcakes [similar to this recipe but swap hazelnut for salted caramel, half the flour, & add ¼ cup oats] were tasty, but all I really wanted were the toppings 


finally found a bag big enough for my lunch.  no judgement, I get hangry when I don’t eat, don’t you?

2:27:13 Lunch

yellow bell pepper strips + snap peas, an orange, string cheese, turkey + avocado roll-ups, Glenny’s Soy Crisps [ my fave but hard to find], & a mini chocolate VitaCake

2:27:13 Snack

afternoon pick me up


found these waiting on my doorstep – I’ve heard nothing but raving reviews about them, hope y’all are right!

2:27:13 Dinner

semi-homemade status, pales in comparison to this girl’s secret homemade meat sauce

2:27:13 Dinner 2

veggie-filled salad & pasta + meatballs


Joe’s O’s + Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips Chobani Bite + dark chocolate chips [because the more dark chocolate the merrier]

Question:  What food do you love but have a hard time finding?

Question:  Love or loath veggies?  What’s your favorite and least favorite?

— Allison

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