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Company Profile – Mountain Rose Herbs

Posted Mar 17 2010 12:00am
Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com

I have been working with Essential Oils and herbs for over 10 years. I use them for my entire family and on my massage and wellness clients. This blog is dedicated to providing education and product recommendations. As time goes on expect to see many posts on the uses of oils and herbs for all sorts of issues and for overall health and harmony.
Over the years I have sampled oils from many suppliers, and the two important things to remember about buying oils are NUMBER 1- quality and NUMBER 2- pricing. When purchasing essential oils they must be 100% therapeutic grade (scent oils have no healing properties) and either organic or responsibly wildcrafted. You do not want your oils to come from plants that have pesticides in them; just the same as you don’t want to eat produce with pesticides. Oils when applied to skin are absorbed by every organ and body structure very quickly, so it is very important to use a high quality oil. .
What that means is essential oils are not cheap! Some oils are more expensive than others based on how available the plants are, how difficult it is to extract the essential oils, and the process the supplier uses to extract them. Beware of very cheap oils! However, that does not always mean that a particular company that charges astronomical amounts has the highest quality. Often pricing results from the amount of overhead or numbers of people who need to make money from each bottle of oil.
So after years of research, Mountain Rose Herbs became my primary supplier of essential oils, and loose herbs. They are certified organic, and where a plant is not farm grown they will wildcraft in a responsible manner. They have consistently won awards and have been recognized as an eco-conscious company.
Mountain Rose prides themselves on their quality standards and it shows in the end product. The scent and vibration of the oils is outstanding. They are a transparent company and they will provide you with their quality test results if you request it; many companies refuse to supply this information.
Mountain Rose is in the business of providing a excellent product at an excellent price. Their price points are better than any company I have dealt with. They sell in bulk and you can buy oils and herbs in large quantities, whereas many other companies sell oils only in tiny .15 ml bottles. For a practitioner such as myself, and even for just personal use I would use a bottle that size in less than two weeks.
For our readers who have not tried essential oils, I will be providing valuable education on the uses of oils and I encourage you to try Mountain Rose, in addition their website is stellar… for each product they supply educational and folklore information on the plants.
Although I have focused on their oils, I also buy their loose herbs for teas, baths, poultices and in some cases to make tinctures (tinctures are best made from fresh plants). They do not overstock their herbs so you can be sure you will get the freshest and highest potency herb available.
We do hope you check out Mountain Rose, and we look forward to many more posts on the uses of the oils and the plants.

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