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Comment on How To Get Personalized Health Advice From the Best Health Expert In the World (FREE) by Nadya Andreeva

Posted Feb 23 2012 7:25am

Barbara, you are 100% right, it is difficult for Vatas to feel good on a completely raw vegan diet. Vatas thrive on a diet with some cooked foods and oils. Even Hippocrates Institute program over the years started allowing steamed vegetables and cooked grains for those who didn’t feel well on a completely raw diet.
I believe that one should not turn into a FOOD NAZI and push any diets on others. Every body is unique and the best diet can only be determined when all factors such as exercise, general health, fitness goals, climate, stress, family, age, are taken into consideration.
Your story is very inspiring and I am happy that you find my blog helpful on your road to wellness! Keep up the good work! Your body will thank you!

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