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Color Therapy: Change your Underwear, Change your Mood.

Posted Sep 28 2008 7:29pm

By Carole Fogarty

Natural Wisdoms: A regular feature:

Color is an amazing gift from nature. It is a living vibrational energy that is perceived and absorbed by your senses. It has a subtle yet potent interaction with your emotions and brain.

The colors you wear can reflect how you are feeling to the world, you can intentionally wear colors to shift your mood or you can hide from the world (blacks the color which shrinks your presence)



There are colors which stimulate the thinking (left) side of your brain and colors which stimulate the creative (right) side of your brain. There are colors to help you relax and others to energise and excite. Whilst some colors encourage communication others evoke stillness.

Did you know that yellow is the first color perceived by the human eye.

Below are some useful insights from my journey with color workshops over the past two decades. Color is definitely a fabulous healthy living trick to add to your wellbeing tool box.

Change your underwear: Change your mood:

Simply by changing the color of your underwear you can subtly fuel your energy reserves or balance your emotional needs. It is easy to do, no one need know what you are doing and I guarantee you will feel a difference.

Feeling tired grab a red pair, stressed out try some calming blue, emotionally upset go for the orange or in need of some optimism switch to yellow.

Color you world for balance:

1: Red will give you a boost of energy whilst stimulating your immune system. Red can activate your appetite - beware. It evokes action and passion and a perfect color if you tend to be a procrastinator.

2: Orange will allow you to digest your emotions without holding onto stuff and encourage emotional balance and optimism. It is warm hearted and offers a sense of community whilst offering a feeling of tolerance. Perfect color for social gatherings.

3: Blue is tranquil and peaceful. It has been proven to reduce pain levels. It aids in acquiring inner peace and supports creativity. Blue is associated with the right hand side of the brain.

4: Green refreshes, encourages growth, is balancing and healing. It is nurturing and associated with the heart. Green promotes prosperity and well being. Green of course is a combination of blue and yellow.

5: Yellow lifts your spirits and offers you a positive feeling. It evokes confidence and joy. It is connected to your mental thinking and improves attention to detail and academic achievement. It improves concentration and clarity of thought.

6: Purple is known to heighten your intuition. It is similar to blue in that it offers comfort and calm. A great color for meditation.

Experiment with color:
Don’t take my word for it though, experiment for yourself. Notice how different you feel wearing blue or orange or even red undies or any item of clothing.

To further excite you into experimenting with color therapy I’ve added a few special treats to whet your appetite.

Color your wallet for wealth:
Years ago after listening to a color therapist a group of my girlfriends all switched to green wallets. Green represents growth, abundance and prosperity. It is the color most often associated with money. In Feng Shui green relates to the wood energy which is associated with wealth. You might also like to read the Tao of a full happy wallet if you are keen to boost your money vibes.

Lose weight with color:
Research has shown that blue is the most likely color to suppress your appetite. A blue light in your fridge may be just the trick you need. Blue is not a color you think of when you imagine food. Nature does not offer many blue foods except for a few such as blueberries. Red will stimulate your appetite and encourage fast eating. Notice how many take-aways have red signs or decor.

Thanks for reading my article, Carole

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