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Cold Weather and Alleviating Pain Quick Tips

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:03pm

This year's weather has been abnormal to say the least and it just keeps getting weirder. We had a wet Summer that resulted in a poor harvest (especially with tomatoes). And now the Fall has become cold and bitter. We've even had the first snow already.

The cold bring an increase of pain in my joints and muscles. My Raynaud's also likes to kick up and play all sorts of tricks with my hands. They vary between tingling hot and freezing cold. My fingers turn white and red with the alternating sensations.

There is some connection between changes in barometric pressure and their effects on joints. It is possible that the nerve endings in the joints react to those changes. Also, inflammation needs to be factored in - cold weather can increase it. Regardless of why - the pain is still there. So, we have to learn how to cope and live with it by adjusting our lifestyles.

Quick Tips:
1. Use heat. Heat is your friend.

2. Stay warm with layers, blankets, electric blankets, gloves, hots, scarves, and heavy socks.

3. Take supplements such as Vitamin D, B12, and glucosamine/chondriotin. Vitamin D is crucial because it has an effect of pain levels and mood. It is hard to get enough sunlight during winter time, so a supplement is helpful.

4. Light stretching will help prevent stiffness and helps to keep your muscles moving.

5. Keeping a regular sleep schedule.

6. Keep drinking. Water is always great. But drinks like green and white tea are excellent and healthy. Drink them with lemon, honey, and/or sugar.

7. A healthy diet is always helpful. There are diets that are especially geared to reducing inflammation and arthritis pain.

8. Regular, light cardio is great and moves the blood.

9. For hands, little air-started hand warmers are great.

I am still looking for gloves that will keep my hands warm and are easy to type in. And I am totally open to suggestions.
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