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Clumsy Girl Survives Treadmill Crash!

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
Since starting to post about my workout plan, a lot of people have made mention of my method for running because I run on the treadmill. This doesn't seem odd at face-value until you learn that I live on a 1600+acre ranch. I have beautiful countryside as my path, and its true that the setting could be/ should be perfect for my running workouts. Except that there are acouple problems with it.

First: There are large animals lurking. For example, one day on a walk, I opened the fence and walked around one of the lakes near our house. It was a lovely sunny day, the lapping water was comforting and the serenity was magical... until I heard a deep, low 'MOO' telling me I was intruding. From out of nowhere appeared about 100 cows and their babies. Like any mother would be, they became VERY protective and concerned for the welfare of their offspring. A nursing cow is not generally a friendly cow... and I am certainly not going to 'chance' a run-in with 100 animals that average 1600 lbs apiece just to walk around the lake!

See this happens frequently because the pastures are big; you think you're alone, but you're not. This is reason enough to keep me from running through the ranch.

Another reason? Opening and closing fences slows me down and is a pain in the ass.
Another reason? I usually wind up running after dark. I don't have night vision!

And last but not least: I have a bad knee. I tore the ACL in 1993, rehabbed it for almost a year to resume my volleyball career at Rice, and then about a year and half later, I tore it again. The surgery had been hellish the first time, I opted not to have it done again. As a result, I have a torn ligament and must be careful about my footing and the activities I do...

That should explain why I run on the treamill, to keep control of my environment and keep down the potential for danger/injury. But that excuse flew out the window last night when I had my accident.

I had cleaned up the kitchen from dinner and retired to my studio where I cued up my iTunes 'exercise' playlist and hopped on the treadmill. I was doing the 5 minute warmup walk, listening to Miranda Lambert rock out the song 'Kerosene'. I looked down and saw the 3:34 on my timer, and everything went to hell... It all happened so fast, I don't even know what/how it happened, but I fell off the back of the treadmill, put my hands down to brace my fall and probably sprained my wrist and of course, the treadmill was still moving, so my hands were carried under the treadmill and I hit my chin on the 'tread'; my legs had already fallen off the treadmill behind me and I had carpet burns on them both, oozing and torn up, red like the strawberries I got in Little League a million years ago.... I am a mess!

I sat there slumped against the wall fighting back tears and shell-shocked from the strange, fast accident when my husband came running in, "What the HELL happened?". I said, "Well, I'm not sure, I was warming up, walking, on the treadmill and I just fell off the back, somehow"... He looked me over and after seeing all of my Battle Wounds, laughed his ass off! "Only you could have inflicted such injury on the treadmill. YOU WEREN'T EVEN RUNNING YET?"

See? Thats why I can't run outside. Apparantly I can't even handle my 'controlled' environment. I did, however, get back up and on the treadmill and finished Workout #2, rug burns and all!
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