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Chinese New Year: Minneapolis Acupuncture Clinic Celebrates the Year of the Snake

Posted Feb 08 2013 9:30am

new year card with snake How to Get a Second Chance to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

How are you doing with the New Year’s resolutions you made on January 1st? Would you like a 2nd chance? Well you’re in luck! Here comes Chinese New Year, China’s most important holiday. It’s based on a different calendar.

Starting February 10th we will move out of the Year of the Dragon and usher in the Year of the Snake. The Snake represents practicality, getting things done and managing the benefits. So this is a good year for growing one’s business.

Chinese prepare for the New Year by cleaning their houses from top to bottom to get rid of stagnant energy of the former year and prepare for the fresh energy of the new year. On the evening of new year there are feasts of delicious food. Children are given presents…usually money (which they save, not spend). It’s like Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one.

Like Western astrology, Chinese astrology has 12 signs. Each year is represented by an animal; 2013 is the Year of the Snake. Astrologers say that people born in the Year of the Snake are highly thought of because of their wisdom but perplexing. They can be intuitive, sum up a situation efficiently, but say very little.

Snakes are refined, intelligent, introspective and vibrant. They dress well and material wealth is important to them. They are intense and passionate in relationships, On the negative side they can become jealous, suspicious and stingy. Snakes prefer a calm, stress-free environment. Some famous Snakes are Grace Kelly, John F. Kennedy, Gandhi, Johannes Brahms, Goethe, Mao and Picasso.

The Snake is an earthy version of the Dragon. In Chinese astrology the Dragon represents the spiritual, abstract and mysterious side of power. The Snake is practical, accumulating power slowly. The Dragon causes things to happen fast. The Snake makes things happen through doing the work and reaping the benefits. So focus and discipline are keywords for 2013. This year things get done in slow and methodical ways.

If you need to take another look at your New Year resolutions, take some time and consider what Optimize Your Health you need to do to accomplish them.

Use the Chinese lunar New Year as a way to re-commit to your New Year’s resolutions.

If your resolutions include improving your health in 2013, our Minneapolis Acupuncture clinic can help you with that. Give our receptionist a call and she can arrange an appointment for anything from back pain to stress relief to weight loss.

The great thing about acupuncture is it works on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. We even treat many patients for depression and anxiety. Call us now at 612-866-4000 to optimize your health in 2013.

If you want to make a deeper commitment to your health goals, take a moment and think about what you need to do to accomplish them. Use snake-like wisdom to recommit to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Gong Xi Fa Cái.
Happy New Year,
Steven Sonmore, L.Ac.
Complete Oriental Medical Care, LLC

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