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Change is in the Wind

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm
FOTO header

By now you've seen that my blog looks different. See, I like this design if I want to show you photographs, like those of Galaxy that I uploaded earlier. One of my rather fun tricks is to 'trick' Blogger by uploading LARGE images straight from Flickr into my blog post, thereby circumventing the typical Blogger small, medium, and large sizes.

I like things BIG.

So I changed templates for awhile. Maybe just for now. Maybe forever? Maybe not.

You might know that I won another photo contest. I have mentioned it a few times in the past few posts to either Blogger or Twitter, I don't know which (awfully hard to keep things straight when you'll all over the internet)... Funny though, I don't know which photo won, I entered 11. Who knows which category- could be anything... guess I'll find out soon enough.

I love to take photos. No, I really love to take photos. I am not a portrait photographer, but I am a photographer. I get lots of love for my photos. LOTS. While I really and truly appreciate the feedback, I cringe inside because I shoot with a Walmart special camera. Nothing fancy... it has some automatic 'point and shoot' settings but I typically shoot in Manual or Custom mode. I learned all of the bells and whistles (the few) it has and I know that camera backward and forward. Thats why I'm pretty handy with it, and because I am an artist.

I'm an artist who loves to take photos. Digital photography is right up my alley. Its quick and I love instant gratification. I like to make split-second decisions and see them right away. Digital photography was made for an artist like me.

I am taking my art to new heights and coming out with some neat photo packages. Packages for those who love my style of capturing lives moment by moment, not in phony poses or group "CHEESE!" shots. I like catching the knowing glances between people, the subtle gestures that define a person, the genuine moments that truly represent people, kids, and families that they can cherish for a lifetime.

I'm also extremely aware of how expensive it can be to hire a professional photographer. I know I can't do it these days! Session fees alone can break the bank! I'm going to turn the typical photo package on its ear and you're going to be amazed at what I've got available...

I'll post the details tomorrow or Sunday.

Now is the time to start thinking about that great family shot you want on your Christmas cards, or the photos you'd love to have of your holiday party but hate the thought of lugging your camera around the whole night. Trust me... with what I've got up my sleeve, you can be assured that I'll be your solution!

Houston people, Woodlands people, Conroe people, Huntsville people, Madisonville people, College Station people... this is a shot out to all of you!
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