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Carnival of Personal Development September 30th edition:

Posted Sep 12 2008 4:22am

Welcome to The Healthy Living Lounge and a big thank you to Lyman for allowing me to host this edition of the Personal Development Carnival. It’s my first time and I must admit I was rather nervous.

There were well over 40 submissions and I read each and everyone one of them enjoying the diversity of ways we all approach life and look for truth. The articles appear in no particular order. Enjoy.



There were a couple of articles which were quite thought provoking for me personally and the longest blog article definitely has to go to Jonathon Fields

Jonathon Fieldssubmitted an article called

Karma Capitalism: A radical approach to accelerated business and career growth

Tupelo Kenyon always explores issues with an inspirational and thought provoking process. TupeloKenyon wrote an article called Methods As Temporary Tools Instead of Lifetime Crutches

Tupeloalso adds“We are obsessed with our methods. We become attached to our particular way of doing things. The trouble comes when we cling to an old method that we have outgrown. We feel bogged down and then stuck when our personal development potential is being limited by an outdated method. If your method feels more like a crutch than a tool, it’s time to take an objective look at it. Is the method in question bringing you peace and joy? Is it helping your personal growth, or is it just a familiar and comfortable habit of thought? (Enjoy soothing instrumental music as you read plus songs with lyrics related to each article – all free.)

Rahul Bhambhanifrom Personal Development, Advice, Tools to improve the quality of your life. wrote a fabulous article called Transform your talents into strengths and links his article to a book by Tom Rath called Strengthfinder 2.0

Rahul added “It’s a step-by-step method to develop your talents into your greatest strengths

Maria Gajewski from Never the same river twice submitted a fabulous article with great free resource link called What is tapping and how can it help you? The article focuses on Maria’s journey with Emotional Freedom Techniques how it sounded to good to be true at first until she tried it for herself. She gives a link to a web site that offers free video’s so if you are a visual learner and keen to learn more this will be perfect for you. Maria also offers a great overview so you can fine tune the technique. Thanks Maria.

Lorraine Cohen from Powerful Living wrote a great article called Powerful Living playing small. It very clearly lists the three reasons why we fail to attract what we want. Great stuff Lorraine.

Lorraineadded “Today there are limitless resources to help you succeed as you become more deliberate at attracting what you desire. Learn three reasons why you might be failing to manifest what you want.

Ben from Money Smart Life

wrote an article calledIs TV killing your brain cells?Ben adds next time you sit down with the remote, remember you have a choice to spend all night in front of the TV or do something to improve your life.

Luciano Passuello from Lite Mind wrote an very useful and extremely practical article called 6 steps to generating outstanding ideas:

Luciano adds “Even though idea generation may look like a somewhat mysterious and random process, there is a practical, simple lesson we can all apply to increase our chances of having great ideas.”

Alex Blackwell from The Next 45 years wrote an article called When you feel like giving up. He reminds us that when you feel like giving up success is never far away.

Dominic TayWrote an article called Counter Attack Procrastination

Dominic added “Do you believe that out of 10 individuals, 6 or 7 hesitant to make an immediate out of fear to fail? Let’s find out the reasons on how to improve the quality of your life through personal development.”

Harrisonat J ourney to Personal Freedom wrote an article called “Five ways to motivation and achieve your goals

Harrison added “In this article I will share 5 ways that I always use to motivate myself and help me to achieve anything that I targeted at. If you have a goal and currently suffer from lack of motivation, then you must read this article. ‘

Ispf from Grand money matters has written an interesting article called surviving personal productivity down time

Art from Success step wrote an article called What is holding us back?

The article starts with a great quote“Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” -Charles Schultz

Lion from Happy brain storm wrote an article How to be the centre of social attention.

Tezza from 4 eva young wrote an article called The five steps to creating your vision board
Vision boards are great if you are stimulated visually. Tezza adds “The utilization of a Vision Board is so effective, because it guides the images you are holding in your mind! You see, your mind works like a magnet; that which you focus your mind on grows and manifests into your life in the form of events, people or circumstances that will assist you in reaching your goals.”

Warren Wong from INTJ personal development

wrote an article called Give yourself alone timeWarren adds - In a world full of distractions, it can be hard to have alone time. Here’s why you should always have alone time and how to fit it in.

Fit Buff wrote a fun article called First date ideas

Fit Buff added “This is a very common concern among men: “Where do I take her?” “How much should I spend?” “Does she like Thai food?” “Is Friday night right for a first date?” The most important thing to remember…

Louise Manning from The Human Imprint

wrote an article called Seize the Day

It’s a short yet inspirational article reminding us the importance of “Carp Diem”

Chris from M artial Development has submitted an interesting article called Spinoza: Old Master Philosopher of the West

Baruch Spinoza was apparently one of Einstein’s favorite philosophers and is known as a champion of Monism. Chris in his article went on to show the similarities and differences in Spinoza teachings alongside Tao Te Chingas his style was more asian than European. I personally have not read any of Spinoza but now look forward to reading his philosophies.

Raymond David Salas from Zen Chill submitted a very practical article called How to feel good every day.

Raymond explains how you have the switch to feel good or not and believes that it really is possible to feel good everyday if it’s the choice you make first thing in the morning. I’m all for that.

Karen Lynch from Live the power wrote an article called Unsinkable ships (live the power) is all about the potency of the words in a country song. I love it when songs get you thinking and touch your emotions. The overall message is never underestimate the impossible.

Suzanne of N ew Affiliate Discoveries wrote an article this week called Turning Great Ideas into Reality

This article is part of a series that Suzanne is writing and gets you to evaluate just how passionate and aligned you are with your inspirational idea.

Christine Scivicque from Executive Assistant Tool Box wrote an article called Caution your Emotions are showing.

Christine explores the reality of whether it is wise or not to share your not so pleasant emotions in the workplace. Christine suggests a stop and think policy by asking Is this emotion something that strengthens or weakens me?

Aron Brandon wrote a short article called Simplify your life

Liz from Goal Setting for Success wrote an article with a funky title called Goal Setting Commandment #9 - Thou Shall Reward Thyself!

Liz reminds us in her article to reward ourselves along the way in the journey as that is often where small and great achievements are made

Arun at Your Daily Remedy wrote about Keeping life fresh His opening line really attracted me as I am always thinking the same. I never want to be caught in a mundane boring life with the same old boring repetitive days.

Aparna from Beauty and Personality Grooming

wrote an article called is Day dreaming good for you.

A short but to the point article reminding us there is proven benefits to daydreaming.

Alex Landis wrote an article called Are you anybodies favourite person? which he was inspired to write after viewing a youtube video which is from a short film by Miranda July. It gets you thinking.

Lori Prokopfrom Keyboard culture movie – the on line movie

Ruth Mitchell from Buy outside the box.

wrote an article about her recent experience with solitude

Solitude can be a wonderful thing.

Peter Jones from Hodges Model welcome to the Quad wrote an article called Rag dolls and empty bottles

Healthy living also means coping with grief - this account describes a personal journey through time and emotion.

Ananga A nanga Sivyers Living By Design wrote an article called Breathe, Mind and Mood

As I am a big fan of yoga and energy work I totally related to the importance of continually bringing our awareness back to our breathe. Great article Ananga.

Aaron Symons from Blabber mouth

wrote an article called Financial Freedom Cause and Effect

Aaron writes this is the first of a series of articles that demonstrates the remarkable influence people have over their financial future. The journey begins by understanding how to use the Law of Cause and Effect…

Tristan at the Synergy Institute

wrote an article of inspiration called Arland Dean Williams Jr: The Ultimate Act of Unconditional Love

Tristan Loo shares a story of one of his heroes that will touch your heart. This is a true story of courage, compassion and the unconditional love between complete strangers placed in a life or death situation.

Janet Erikson wrote an article called Moving towards Perfection

Christopher Kata from SEO / Internet Marketing / Pay Per Click Advertising - Ignite! wrote an interesting article about proverbs. He applies ancient proverbs to modern day life. A six proverbs to guide your internet marketing

Gleb Rhys from the P ersonal Development Blog

wrote an article on Secrets to successful time management.

The opening line scared me a little “Time Management is one of the most important aspects of being successful today” as I am more of a “go with the flow” type of girl. However I was pleasantly surprised as he offered a simplified approach.

Lucky last is R aviVora wrote a great article called See the world like a creative genius in seven steps

some great ideas for exploring what the eyes see at a deeper level.

The October 7 th edition of the Personal Development Carnival is being hosted at

Power Living with the wonderful and fabulous Lorraine Cohen

You are welcome to Submityour blog article to the next edition of the personal development carnival using our carnival submission form.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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