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Cady’s Alley to Nike Expo

Posted Apr 26 2013 10:05am

Yesterday I took it easy at home and let my stomach settle.  I’m thinking that I caught the bug that’s been going around and all I can say is that it better go away as fast as it came – the last thing I want is to have an upset stomach during a race.  And no, it’s not my typical upset stomach with bloating, cramps, and that “gotta go” kinda feeling…  This time it’s the upper end.

My eats the past couple of days have been pretty Plain Jane despite the avocado hummus tuna fish salad I made for lunch yesterday.  It probably wasn’t my smartest decision but I bought a bag of avocados from TJ’s last weekend that were hard as rocks and overnight became super ripe.  As they say, an avocado a day keeps the doctor away.  And I refuse to waste food.

fact: avocados ripen faster when stored with other fruits such as apples or bananas because of the influence of ethylene gas


according to Ryan I’m an “avocado maniac”

Around 4PM I ventured downtown to meet Molly for our typical Thursday run date.  Thankfully she was more than understanding of my current state and took it easy on me.  It wasn’t one of my proudest runs, included periods of walking, and a few much needed sideline breaks, but I was happy to move my legs.

The week before a race I have no intention of pushing myself to “ the point of failure ,” but I do like shaking my legs out and getting the blood flowing.

After our walk we crossed the Key Bridge and walked through Georgetown’s alleyways to the Nike Women’s Half Marathon expo.  Cobblestone pavers, art galleries, and happy hours…  Those are the kind of alleys that I wouldn’t be scared to walk down alone late at night – fairly subdued despite the motorcyclist with a Mohawk helmet.


The expo was held in a large outdoor tent down at the Washington Harbor.  There were tons of Nike employees guiding wandering women into the packet pick-up tent and since it was the first day [and a workday] there weren’t any lines.  We walked straight up to an empty computer, got checked-in, given our bibs, a swag bag, and headed to the other tent with the vendors and entertainment.






Nike shoes galore


waiting in line to snag a few sips of Nuun


I was hoping that Luna would have samples of their new flavor but no such luck



my note & other people’s notes



across from the signature wall was a Paul Mitchell hair station but we didn’t wait around


P.S.  If you’re in town this weekend for the race or you’re a local, please consider participating in the Walk to End Lupus Now .  Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful weather, it’s a great way to shake out your legs, and it’s for a good cause :)

When:  Saturday, April 27th

Time:  registration opens at 8AM, walk begins at 9:15AM

Distance:  approximately 1.5 miles – down to the Capitol and back

more info & a course map can be found here

Question:  The week before a race, what do you do to prepare? 

Question:  What’s on your current workout playlist?

— Allison

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