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Brookshire Brothers in Madisonville is ATROCIOUS

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:47pm 1 Comment
Went to the grocery store (if you can call it that) this morning, and had my blood boiling by the time we left. I am sorry, but I have serious issues with customer service these days, especially in small towns where they have no perspective on the Real World.

My latest complaint has been this: I go to Brookshire Brothers in Madisonville, and the hourly employee scanning my items on the conveyor belt shouts "Well Good MORNING!" I quickly look up, surprised, because I have become ACCUSTOMED TO BAD SERVICE! But silly, silly me.... she wasn't talking to ME, her customer, but her coworker who had just shown up... late, I might add.

So she's scanning my things... there's no bagger for the mountain of groceries that I have amassed (this is another bitch of mine, but we'll save it for another time) and I casually say, "where are your baggers today?" to which she expels something resembling a grunt, rolled her eyes at me, and grabbed her intercom and called for a bagger... I am disgruntled now that she has rolled her eyes at me, not in a way that said girl-I-know-whatya-mean 'look', but in a lady-get-off-my-back 'look'... plus, she's not greeted me, and I'm about to hand her a couple hundred for my groceries... I think I deserve a 'hello'...

Nope. Nothin'. Nada. Zilch. The Big O. I start searching her bosom region for a nametag. None. Hmm.... hooray! I suddenly knew her name because the large black man in line behind me seems to know her real well, if you catch my drift. While she is not even halfway through scanning my groceries, he starts sweet-talkin' "Miss Ashley"... and "Miss Ashley" is now drippy-sweet, flirting with this amazon man while I am writing out my check. I hand her my check, nothing. Drivers licence, still nothing... What burns me even more than all of that is that when she handed me my receipt, she sort of held it out to me, but guarded it, as she was EXPECTING ME TO SAY THANK YOU!

WHAT? There has been an absolute role reversal here! I am expected to THANK THE MINIMUM WAGE EMPLOYEE FOR TAKING MY $170! NO! I think its the employees obligation to say 'Thank you for shopping at Brookshire Brothers!' Don't you? I just GAVE HER $170 and I HAVE TO THANK HER FOR TAKING IT? Something is wrong here, folks.

Listen, let me soften here just for a moment while I express my understanding for how bad it can be to work for minimum wage, doing minimum wage jobs. I know its not exciting. I know its just a j-o-b, but hey, your lot in life isn't going to get a whole hell of a lot better unless you start making it so... besides, have some pride! Pride in self! Pride in your workplace! Self-respect! Have some CLASS!

I'll wrap this up... so I leave the store with my receipt in hand, wondering how to stifle this rage considering I've been telling everyone that I will no longer utter a complaint about anything and just float through my days fancy-free... when little D decides he wants to ride the penny carousel in front of the store. Well, we can't. This carousel is miniature, its got mini sized ponies and there are only 3 of them, under a little canopy that looks about the size of a lemonade stand umbrella... there, perched on one of the ponies, in front of the store, is a Brookshire Brothers employee on a smoke break. Yep, she's puffin' away on the kiddie ride, for all the world to see. Now I can't imagine that management wants their staff hanging out in the front of the store for their breaks, and I can't believe that they'd allow them to smoke in the front of the store either. But hey? Who knows? The manager is probably the same guy with the balls on his bumper... in this town, anything is possible.
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I just started work for this company 3 weeks ago. I have never seen this level of unprofessionalism in my life. And let me tell you this. That's what you saw. Imagine what I see daily on the inside!
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