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Brent Kesell : It's Not About The Money

Posted Mar 24 2008 2:54pm 2 Comments

9780061234064 I had a MAHA but short & long deserved "re-connect"session with my teacher early this evening. It brought me back to a year ago when I was able to practice during the week with him and others. So one of his parting comments was regarding BALANCE , as I probably looked frazzled from rushing across town and endeavoring to stay on the steep pitch of this treadmill called work .

So as Sting puts it "I have only come here seeking knowledge " , and this title " It's Not About the Money" spoke to me from a search @ Barnes & Noble. Brent Kessel's company, Abacus Wealth Partners,was named one of the top 250 wealth management firms in the US by Bloomberg.

Dubbed a "Financial Soul Searcher", after meeting the Dalai Lama & Mother Teresa as a young man, Kessel began practicing yoga & meditation & continued on to a career that uniquely combines spirituality & wealth management.

It was also serendipity to find his pic in the Yoga Journal ASANA book recently published by Universe several shelves over. I intend to read the book for the knowledge,clues & roadmap towards INTEGRATION & ABUNDANCE . The dream is possible -

Brent Kessel will have a signing & discussion on April 3rd , Barnes & Noble Third St. Promenade,Santa Monica. ( Image via

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Peter, do you happen to know how Brent Kessel combines spirituality and wealth management in his work? I feel like I've come across plenty of wealth management CEOs who espouse spiritual principles in their work but I usually have a bone to pick with their philosophy, which tends to promulgate a "having is being" notion. I don't think that money and spirituality are mutually exclusive by any means but when consumption becomes a facet of spirit and well-being, I have an issue with that.

Hi Nirmala,

I had the chance to meet Brent Kessel and read his book. He has also practiced yoga and meditated for over a decade. Check out his book.It makes sense as to managing a life in the material & spiritual worlds .

He is also featured in the Yoga Journal book recently published by Universe along with Sharon Gannon & David Life, Rod Stryker and other amazing teachers.

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