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Breathless & Utterly Satisfied

Posted Jul 29 2012 8:53pm


You are so damn hot when you’re stripped down naked.

I mean really.

The more I peel away the better & better you get.

Luscious, brilliant,

S e x y.


& I see how we put clothes on you

& give you an ugly face

So you don’t look too appealing.

I don’t get why we do it.

A raw naked beauty standing right before us.

Who doesn’t want to be left breathless & utterly satisfied

once they’ve thoroughly enjoyed you?


All I know is that when I saw you today

in this summer time heat

with no clothes on, I was overzealous.

All day I found myself just wanting to be near you.


& with my body pressed against yours, I could really see the whole world.

Through your eyes.

I can feel how much you love us

I can hear how loud you cheer for us

You want us to win

You want us to enjoy

You want us to reach peak on your wild ride!


So I promise to stop throwing a towel over your head

& dressing you in such ugly clothes.

Because the truth is, I want to win too.

I want to enjoy.

I want to reach peak.

I want to be left breathless & utterly satisfied

by the time I’m done with you.


My God,

& you’ve given us such easy access to your loving.


Thanks for laying your body across the horizon

and winking at me over the glimmering water.

It was magical.

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