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Box It Up

Posted Jun 08 2013 9:54am
It’s here… 6-8 Moving Day

Yesterday I stayed home and went to the chiropractor [a topic worthy of it's own post], packed, and napped.  When Ryan got home we stuffed my car full of miscellaneous items that didn’t make it into boxes and headed over to our new place.

While Ryan unloaded the car I scoped out the gym.  It’s nothing grand but it’ll do…  4 treadmills, 3 ellipticals, 3 bikes, a spider web stretching thingamajig, weight machines, and a set of free weights.


By the time we got home at 9PM a frozen pizza eaten on paper plates, followed by a bowl of cereal was the perfect no fuss dinner.  Protein, carbs, and fats – it’s all about balance y’all ;)

The alarm went off bright and early this morning because we had a few more things to pack before the movers arrived.  At 7:50AM Ryan’s phone rang and there was a big truck out in front of our building…  Perfect, except our neighbors didn’t think so.  Oh well, whatcha gonna do.


We showed them everything that needed to be moved and they said it would take only an hour or two.  What these guys do on a daily basis is intense.  They carry couches on their backs, lift furniture as if it was light as a feather, and hustle as if they were being chased by a fire.  It’s really impressive.

It’s only 9AM and both our family room and kitchen are empty and they’re working on our bedroom.  I’m actually not there but Ryan is keeping me updated.  He sent me up to Starbucks to “get myself a coffee and him a breakfast sandwich,” aka to get me out of the apartment so I wouldn’t freak out if something went wrong.  I married a smart man.


I feel guilty leaving Ryan this afternoon but I’m headed to Richmond to a bridal shower for my cousin.  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and looked stunning so I can hardly imagine how beautiful she will be as a bride!

Tonight and tomorrow Ryan and I are planning to finish moving everything out of our old place and getting things situated in our new place.  And perhaps we’ll share one of the bottles below, dine out at one of the many restaurants that are less than 50 feet from our front door, and see a movie.


I hope that y’all have a wonderful weekend and the weather is better wherever you are than it is here.  It’s been raining since Thursday night and the forecast for this weekend doesn’t look any nicer.

P.S.  Have you entered ?  Hurry, hurry, it ends tomorrow at 11:59PM EST and the winner will be announced on Monday!


Question:  Have you ever moved?  Does it make you anxious?  Yup, it definitely does.  I feel the need to get everything moved and in “it’s place” as soon as possible.  But I’ve been very lucky to always have had help – my family, relatives, and Ryan.

Question:  Share a joke  We all could use a good laugh :P

— Allison

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