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BodyMind Fitness – Bridging the mind and body through fitness.

Posted Jan 07 2011 8:12am
Cutting edge forMovement professionals

Bridging the mind and body through fitness.

BodyMind Faculty: Dr. Martha Eddy,Doris Pasteleur Hall and Lesley Powell

Dr. Martha Eddy, alias Dr. Move says:

“As a BodyMind Fitness© specialist, you become an intelligent detective of bodily challenges. These skills help you and your clients to reach their highest potential. You are welcomed through the gates of wellness, and wellness coaching. Somatic education is a growing field of research and therapies regarding human awareness. Bodymind fitness Certification offers the next level of education for health and fitness professionals. It uses somatic movement education to expand your skills in the rich arena of neuro-muscular retraining and its relationship to human behavior”

Lesley Powell & Dr. Martha Eddy

Dr. Martha Eddy with Lesley Powell at Movements Afoot NYC have created BodyMind Fitness Certificate,  the next level in fitness training starting this spring 2010.  Be on the top of your game by bridging the body and mind through fitness.  Learn these cutting edge somatic techniques for the body and mind.

BodyMind Fitness Certificate 
Level I:  Four weekends

CORE: February 4-7 2011: Core of Anatomy

  • Friday:  CORE: Overview of anatomy Front and Back of Torso
  • Saturday: Body fitness class and seminar: Back of Core guided movement, multi-sensory cueing, and biomechanical     principles
  • Sunday: Front of Core &  Integrating Front and Back (and the Sides)
  • Monday:    Assessment, Feedback and more Applications

LOWER: April 8-12 2011: underSTANDing

  • Friday: LOWER Overview  and Anatomical Info: Pelvis
  • Saturday: Body fitness class and seminar: Methods for holistically working with the Legs
  • Sunday: Working with the functional standing
  • Monday: Assessment, Feedback and more Applications

UPPER: May 20-23 2011: Revolution of Hand-Scapula & Shoulders

  • Friday:  UPPER Overview and Anatomical Info: Rib cage, Shoulder Girdle and Arms
  • Saturday: Body fitness class and seminar Sat: Ribs, Forearms and Hands
  • Sunday: Scapula Revolution: Hand-scapula Relationship
  • Monday: Assessment, Feedback and more Applications including business and marketing

INTEGRATED BODY August 5-8 2011: Whole Integrated Body

  • Friday: Overview and Anatomical Review: Connecting the Whole Body
  • Saturday: Body fitness class and seminar: Integrating Upper and Lower
  • Sunday: Come Together-integration
  • Monday: Assessment, Career Envisioning and Graduation

Each workshop weekend $450

  • Friday: 5:30-8:30 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
  • Monday 9:30 AM-3:00 PM

Early Bird Discount: Deadline 1/31  $1620 (total value $1800) This pays for 4 weekends of BodyMind Fitness Workshops: Core, Lower Body, Upper Body and Integration.  Must call for this Deal: Full BodyMind Fitness Certification $1620
Certification also requires 40 hours of group classes
and 4 privatesat an additional costs.

Learn to apply principles of BodyMind Fitness (c) to your fitness training; Pilates,yoga, dance, wellness, kickboxing, personal training, practice and coaching. Each workshop weekend costs $450.00

Friday: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Saturday & Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Monday 9:30am – 3:00pm

49 W. 27th St. Mezzanine B, New York City 212-904-1399

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