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Blog Spring Cleaning

Posted Mar 30 2013 9:40am

I love where I live [Virginia is for lovers] and I love breakfast…  The past few mornings have confirmed why I love both of those things.


I’ve been a “bad blogger” lately – I haven’t posted consistently, I haven’t responded to comments in a timely manner [which I love reading], and I haven’t looked at my Google reader for 2 weeks.  My excuse: life.  Life has been a bit busy.


I blog because I get pleasure from writing my posts and reading other people’s posts.  I enjoy sharing my happenings and hearing about what everyone else has going on in their worlds.  I don’t make the big bucks from sharing my thoughts but that would be pretty sweet if I ever could.  I blog purely for the enjoyment I get from doing it.  So when life becomes busier than usual, blogging gets bumped to the back burner.


I’d hate to let an opportunity slip away because I was too busy camped out behind my computer.  Whether it’s a once in a lifetime event or a coffee catch-up with a girlfriend, I’d rather be sitting and chatting over a cappuccino than sitting behind my computer.


That being said, I have a few [5] blogging things that I’d like to work on this spring – blog spring cleaning if you will…

1.  Blogging about whatever is on my mind.  Sometimes it takes me all of 15 minutes to jot down my thoughts, pop in some pictures, and press publish.  Other times it takes me a couple of hours to get all my words to make any logical sense – those are the times that blogging bugs me.  Moving forward, I don’t want to feel like I need to nitpick every.single. word.  LAB is my little space of the internet and I want it to reflect 100% of who I am.  I am not perfect so LAB doesn’t have to be either.

2.  Sharing old memories.  Before I started blogging I had no organization to the pictures on my computer – I uploaded them, sometimes edited them, and then they’d never to be touched again.  Since LAB isn’t all that old, I thought it would be fun to start a “Throwback Thursday” series Instagram style.  If you’re not familiar with Instagram, it’s become popular for people to share throwback pictures on Thursdays #tbt.  I’m not sure how many posts I’ll end up with or how it’ll all play out, but I’m thinking it’ll be some sort of photo dump rather than recapping ever single moment.

3.  Restart “Favorite Finds Friday.”  For a while I was consistently sharing my favorite Pinterest finds but ever since we got married last September my pinning has plummeted…  Not a surprising correlation?!  This spring I’d like to edit the boards I already have and to create a few new ones.  I’d also like to start posting my favorite finds again on a weekly basis but rather than sharing one pin per category, I’m thinking I’ll choose my top 10 or so favorites from the week.

4.  Answering commonly asked questions.  I repeatedly get asked some of the same questions – it’s not a problem, I love answering questions and sharing about my experiences.  I’ve seen that a few bloggers have a FAQ page but I thought it would be fun to a FAQ series.  Questions about my favorites, likes and dislikes, Ryan, Charlie, our future plans, running, etc.

5.  Editing busted links.  LAB may not be that old but it does have its problems.  Before switching to WordPress and eventually to self-hosting, I used Blogger and had no clue how to insert a link or a picture or a video so I know that there are a slew of busted links that need some fixing.  It’s gonna take a while but it’ll be well worth it.


Phew, it’s gonna be a busy spring :P   This weekend Ryan and I have 7 appointments to look at apartments…  Our lease is up this spring so it’s about time we start considering our options.  Have a wonderful weekend y’all!


Question:  What new Pinterest board would you like me to add?

Question:  If you have any questions that you’d like answered feel free to share them below or email me!

— Allison

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