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Better Sleep Leads to Better Health

Posted by Nirmala N.

According to experts, making and keeping a New Year's resolution to get better sleep could lead to other health goals being achieved. Scientists at the Colorado Neurology Institute's Sleep Disorders Center state that there is growing research that supports the idea that in today's society, people aren't getting the amount of sleep they need. And at the same time, there is growing evidence that a lack of sleep, even if it's just a couple hours, can lead to worse health. This includes an increased risk of accidents, fatigue, depression, lack of energy that leads to less exercise, and chemical changes in your brain that cause you to eat more.

So how to get better sleep? Follow a few of these simple tips:

1) Maintain a consistent bedtime schedule.

2) Make your environment as peaceful and relaxing as possible before bedtime.

3) Don't go to bed hungry but avoid eating a big meal within two hours of bedtime.

4) Avoid alcohol or foods and drinks with caffeine before bedtime.

5) Make your room quiet, dark, and a little cool.

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Thanks for sharing this. You made me feel less guilty about the 2 hour nap I took this afternoon. (And actually, I feel quite refreshed and better for it.) Although, I prefer to have my room a little warmer than cooler. I think that just might be a personal preference.
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