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Beginners Guide To Eating Quinoa:

Posted May 23 2010 9:13pm

Post written by Carole Fogarty.  Follow on.

Rejuvenate with food:

Until recently I didn’t know much about quinoa.  Gosh, I couldn’t even pronounce it (keen - wah).  But now, I have fallen in love with the versatility, taste and nutritional benefits of this wonderful little seed called quinoa.  Its such a super food.   It happens to look a bit like millet and can be bought in different colours with white being the most common.



Photo by Kevin from Closet Cooking:


I first started cooking it for breakfast, as a porridge, with some ground cardamon, yoghurt, honey and blueberries.  Yum!   Amazingly light (not heavy like rolled oats), delicious and very nourishing.    I then quickly discovered that you can use it basically like rice and yes, you can even cook it in your rice cooker. 

My second quinoa dish to cook was a  Moroccan quiona pilaf and it was fantastic. An easy one pot meal.  A big thanks to Nicole for sharing the recipe over at Rejuvenation Lounge’s 



Quinoa is a complete protein and super food:


In my research it was the nutritional facts that really excited me.     Around 30% - 50% of your daily requirements for  iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium in a 100 gm serve.  A complete protein containing 8 amino acids, heaps of fibre (I can personally vouch for that) and great antioxidant.

In fact many sites that I visited during my research claimed that quinoa was almost the ideal food with the huge arrange of nutrients it contains.



Quick facts you might like to know about quinoa:


1.  Use it like rice or a grain

2.  From what I understand its a seed although often called a grain

3.  Absorbs more water than rice

4.  Bulks up when cooked to around 3 times its original size

5.  Can be eaten as a porridge, in a stir fry, added to soups as a thickener, salads, as a burger or in a pilaf.

7.  Gluten free

6.  Always rinse before using - all quinoa cooks seem to stress this

7. For cooking generally 2 cups of water for 1 cup of quiona ( but I find it varies)

8. There are three mains types of quinoa - cream, red and black.  ( I prefer the cream quinoa ).  Red and black seem to be used often for salads.

9.  You  can also buy quinoa flakes (great for porridge) and flour

10.  Has a yummy nutty type flavour


Quiona Recipes:


I’ve been searching the web to collect around 3 or 4 quinoa meal recipes and a couple of salad ones for myself.  Here’s a few that have grabbed my attention so far.  I keen to try the quinoa burgers with hummus and roasted red peppers and the quinoa tabbouleh next.

Please, please do share your favourite quiona recipes.  Quinoa deserves a lot more attention than its getting.  I only wished I started cooking with it years ago.



Photo by Kevin his recipe Morocan roasted carrot and chick pea quinoa salad:




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