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Beat the blues

Posted by S J.

When i am feeling blue all i got to do is take a look at u ... Music is great, I find that practicing the breathing techniques and asanas taught by the Art of Living foundation very therapeutic. Also i find walks and running errands outside the home (sometimes impulsive shopping) very rejuvenating. I wonder how do the members in this forum battle the blues.
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Feel Grateful. I recently received a free ticket to a workshop by Dr Demartini, a well known empowerment guru. It was quite an uplifting and inspiring event. One of his main messages is that being in a state of gratitude creates changes in our lives. It made me realize how often I can slip in to that pattern of focusing on what I want rather than what I do have, and all of the things that I have to be thankful for. I decided to make a list everyday of at least ten things that I have to be thankful for. This has turned out to be such a fantastic exercise because it makes me get in touch with how much I have in my life. I can even begin to be thankful for the challenges that I face, because they have made me stronger and have to get in touch with myself more deeply. There are infinite things that all of us can be grateful for...the food we ate for breakfast, a sunny day, a beautiful tree, the fact that we are alive! Being in this state of gratitude is one of the best ways to lift your mood and feel empowered.
Lots of ways. 1) I meditate. 2) I work out. 3) I cry. 4) I write in my journal. 5) I spend time with my cat, who has a naturally soothing presence. 6) I spend time in nature, which reminds me gently of the insignificance of many of my problems. 7) I talk to a trusted friend. 8) I let myself grieve. 9) I don't give in to negative perceptions about myself. 10) I remember to count my blessings. 11) I take time to help out someone else in need. 12) I read an inspirational book. 13) I work on creative projects (depression can be fuel) 14) I eat well. 15) I get as much sleep as I need.
Energy Healing. I believe the best way to permanently get rid of the blues is to use energy healing. Whether that's acupuncture, EFT, Reiki, or another form of it, energy healing works to clear out the energetic blocks and emotional residue that are keeping that stuck "blues" energy around in the first place. Of course, other relaxation techniques can help, and yoga in and of itself can be a form of physical energy healing. Smiling, laughing, a hug from a friend, and inspiring music can all be forms of "energy healing." But talk therapy and wallowing in your sorrow is no way to get past must be cleared.
Grea Book. I found this book that tells you exactly what causes the blues. I had studied everything before I found this book from yoga to bach remedies to exercising. Although exercise helped I still had the case of the blues, low periods in my life. Nothing would permanently handle it. All these "things" were band aids. Anyway, I found this book called Dianetics. It's a great read. There is a new release out in paperback that you should get and read it. Really helps and answers a lot of questions I had about the mind. I believe, it's a bestseller many times over. Not a how to feel good. More substantial than that--very workable. Plus, it's drug-free!
Quiet time to reflect. When I get stressed, sometimes it just takes me walking away from the hustle and bustle of the apartment, work, etc., just five minutes works well usually, to do some controlled breathing, and just at first try to quiet my mind. Then, I remind myself that things are going to get better, that it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be (because it very rarely is.) Sometimes, it's ok to just get away and spend quality time with yourself.
I can't live without yoga. Since doing Ashtanga yoga 4 times per week, I feel so much less stressed and happier. When I don't go, I can truly see a difference.
I find the only thing that makes me calm and happy is yoga. Music does have a wonderful result but I crave the movement and flow of yoga. Something about it clears my mind and creates happiness within me. There's nothing like that feeling. Nothing in the world.
I agree with you...walking, yoga, and music...those are my drugs!
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