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Be Real: Prayer & Personal Responsibility

Posted May 02 2010 5:44pm
So I'm researching information for a new workshop I'm developing and come across this article on prayer and health: 25 Intriguing Scientific Studies About Faith . The article goes on to state 19 different studies that show an increase in quality of life, care and well being in patients that have prayer and faith in their life. Only 5 studies show no affect of prayer on health. What struck me is the concept of faith being scientifically studied in healing health. Faith is instinctively a part of each of us.

Faith is trust in God. God is the same as Source, Universe, Life Force. It's trust in that there is something larger and greater and all knowing. The Creator of All That Is. It's trust that this Force always delivers exactly what you want and need for your best and highest good. But, let me ask you this - you're praying for a miracle, instantaneous healing, a million dollars - but it's not happening. So what's going on? The Holy Spirit will deliver the miracle to you at the place and in the way you are ready to receive it. Instant healing is possible if you are in a 'place' to receive it. But, what if meeting a person who tells you to eat green foods and get off processed foods in the miracle? What if listening to your neighbor say they are stopping their lawn service because of the chemicals is the miracle? What if taking the chemo treatment or the surgery or rejecting all of it is the miracle? What if taking steps to open a new business or invest is the miracle? We are responsible for helping put the mechanisms in place to allow the miracle to happen!

We have personal responsibility when we pray and ask for miracles. Our responsibility is to be ready to receive it. Be ready and open to hearing what is placed in front of us. Be open to other ways of thinking, eating, speaking and doing that are presented. God always delivers blessings and lessons. That's why we chose to be incarnated on this planet and have the 3-D experience. We chose to have these blessed lessons so that we could learn and allow our soul to advance when we return to the other side.

Do not judge results. Death is a miracle. And for some people, the disease they are experiencing is the miracle. Why? Because they are having their own experience. It's not up to us to change it or fix them. It's up to us to support them in the best way we can for the best and highest good. It's up to us to love them right where they are and exactly for who they are right now. We don't have to take on their burden, unless of course, we want that experience.

Remember Free Will? There is always another way, another choice and we always have free will to select it. One might say choose it or reject it. There is no rejection, only selection. When you become aware of this at a core level, you have reached a place of conscious co-creation with the Creator of All That Is.

Jesus came to me today. He reminded me: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. He who lives in Me has eternal life." He unlocked the door and gave us the recipe for advancing our souls. So did Buddha. I'm not talking about religion - this is spirituality at it's core. We are all going to Heaven. The goal is to advance in Heaven.

Prayer - it opens the door to miracles. But remember, God helps those who help themselves.
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