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Be addictions free naturally

Posted Jun 13 2008 4:03pm
You can be free of your addictions naturally, one step at a time. This is a program you can learn to practice in steps. You may choose to benefit from this program for rest of your life in other aspects of your life - such as goals, personal growth, and having more clarity about your unique purpose in life. It is simple. It can become easy for you by simply practicing the steps.

Let us break this program into three main parts:

1. ABC’s of addiction free naturally

  • Have an ATTITUDE that I can be addictions free. Yes, I can. (Go ahead and adapt this attitude)
  • Say to yourself, “From this point on, I go for BALANCE in all areas of my life” (Create a little more balance starting now)
  • “I simply make better CHOICES”. (Start making better choices in simple things first)

2. Practice this “Living in the present moment technique”

  • a). Connect the tip of middle finger of your dominant hand (or both of your hands when free) with the thumb and hold them together lightly.
  • b). At each thought, feeling, or emotion from your negative past or the anxiety about your future surfaces in your mind, let go of the connection. Imagine you are released from your negative past and future.
  • c). Make the connection again between the thumb and the middle finger and hold. Stay in the present moment as long as you can in a relaxed manner.

Repeat this exercise for at least four times or until you feel a little more freedom from negative past or the anxiety about future.

3. Visualize - Affirm - Take Physical Action

  • Visualization - See yourself happy, healthy, and addictions free (name them and see yourself free from each one of them). See that in your mind’s eye for a few seconds. Open your eyes and do it again.
  • Affirmations - Make up your own affirmations and say them over and over. Examples: I am addiction free (name each one of them). One step at a time I am becoming free. I am free. Day by day in every way I am getting healthier and happier.
  • Positive Physical Actions - Replace your negative physical actions with the positive ones (If you smoke - chew a gum, or take a few deep breaths, go for a brisk walk, etc.)

Help! - You can help me by giving feedback on how “Be addictions free naturally” program is working for you. You can leave me a comment. Please also mention any related challenges you face.

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